Review: Business Proposal (2022) K-Drama

Can we call Business Proposal Korean Drama of the year??

Every year hundreds of Korean dramas are released but there is always one drama, released every year that steals the hearts of the audience……. This year can it be ‘BUSINESS PROPOSAL‘????

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Well, we can’t surely say that because we are not the ones to give them awards but we, viewers can call it ‘binge worthy’ or ‘the one that shouldn’t be missed…..’


Business proposal is a drama that tells us the story of a food and nutrition scientist Shin Ha Ri. She is a middle-class girl who works at a food company which is one of the largest companies in South Korea.

She disguises herself as her best friend to go on a blind date where she meets the CEO of her company as her blind date. She misbehaves and acts like a fluttery girl who is very open but the CEO Kang Tae Moo decides to marry her.

Somehow after some time, he gets to know the truth but by that time he has already fallen in love with Shin Ha Ri.


When it comes to ratings, Business Proposal is the highest-rated rom-com drama of 2022.
It has a rating of 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb whereas 8.7 / 10 on my drama list.
Also, there are high chances that this drama can be selected as the best drama of the year


Ahn hyo seop as Kang Tae Moo

He is an arrogant and rich businessman who is overconfident about his looks and unexpectedly falls in love with a mere employee of her company.

Kim sejeong as Shin Ha Ri

She is an employee who is the main bread earner of her family. She is a very kind but dramatic girl who loves to spend time with her best friend.


Kim min kyu as Secretary Cha or Cha Sung Hoon

He is a young and handsome man who is very dedicated and loyal to his work and he seems to be the only friend of Kang Tae Moo and shares a special bond with him.

Seol in ha as Jin Young Seo

She is the best friend of Shin Ha Ri and the daughter of one of the rich businesses man. She has trust issues with her dad which makes her live alone and share a special bond with Shin Ha Ri’s parents. She falls in love with Secretary Cha Sung Hoon.


  • The whole drama is full of beautiful and cute places.
  • All the scenes are like a hotspot for couples where they can chill and spend some quality time.
  • This drama seems to have a huge budget with an excellent planning team for its locations.
  • All the office area is very classy with good interior and prompts.
  • All the romantic moments between couples were filmed nicely with good effects


Osts stay in our hearts longer than stories. This entire series has an awesome set of osts.
Total of 20 tracks are there out of which my favorite one is ‘LOVE, MAYBE’, ‘SWEET’ AND ‘YOU ARE MINE’


If you haven’t watched this drama, please watch it as it shouldn’t be missed.
All the characters are very interesting and play their roles very well.
So, in my opinion, ratings must be 10/10, and yeah…… It is one of the best dramas I have ever watched.

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