3 Reasons Why “Big Mouth” Is A Must Watch

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“Big Mouth” is the great Korean drama on MBC. The drama aired on July 29th and was highly anticipated before its release. The drama is scheduled to air the return of Lee Jong Suk to the television screen after he was discharged from the military. The announcement of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA joining Lee JongSuk on screen further hyped the upcoming show.

“Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk), a lawyer who barely wins. Despite all the difficulties he faced, he was happily married to the love of his life, Go MiHo (Girl’s Generation’s YoonA). His life takes a turn for the worse when he gets embroiled in a murder case that puts his family in a life-threatening situation.

Big Mouth” received a great response from viewers. The sixth episode scored a rating of 10.8%, making it the most watched drama in its time slot. To convince you even more, we’ve put together three reasons why we’re in love with Big Mouth and why you must tune into it now!

1. The Return Of Lee JongSuk

 | 3 Reasons Why

“Big Mouth” appeared as a treat for Lee Jong Suk fans. After completing his military service in 2021, the fans were eagerly waiting to see the actor on the television screen again. The fans were eagerly waiting for his return and he did not disappoint them.

Lee JongSuk plays the role of Park ChangHo in the movie. Chang-ho was originally a lovely, gentle person, a loving husband and son-in-law. He was known as “The Big Mouth” because he often made too many promises and couldn’t win in court. Despite his struggles, he remained a cheerful individual.

Lee JongSuk’s duality is really impressive. In episode 2, ChangHo was arrested for drug abuse and the police soon found gold bars, a pistol, and a lot of cash in his office. He claimed he was framed, but his attempts proved futile.

2. Lee JongSuk And Lim YoonA As The Power Couple Of The Year

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Lee JongSuk and Lim YoonA’s chemistry will make your heart skip a beat!

Go Miho and Park ChangHo have been together since high school and have stayed together in good and evil. In Episode 1, the couple is revealed to be the perfect life mate as Go Miho scolds ChangHo and he is afraid to even answer the phone if he loses his case.

While his story delights us and his moments made us all dizzy, our hearts broke for them too. No matter how tough ChangHo was in prison, he would break in front of her.

Whether he saw her on the news or stood in front of her, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

The two are now the power couple of the year. The tragedy doesn’t stop her. They keep fighting and we all support them!

3. “Big Mouth” Thrills The Viewers With Chilling Mystery

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“Big Mouth” captivates viewers with its intriguing storyline. The main question is, who is really the “big mouse”? It’s like they’re all suspects! The plot thickens and darkens with each episode, keeping viewers in suspense.

But Big Mouse isn’t the only villain in the drama, every character is involved in the corruption and their death wishes are revealed.

“Big Mouth” brings a world where everyone is running for survival and no one is safe.

Have you started watching “Big Mouth”? This drama already grabbed much attention from drama lovers and rising up.


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 | 3 Reasons Why "Big Mouth" Is A Must Watch
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 | 3 Reasons Why "Big Mouth" Is A Must Watch