10 Male Idols Debuting In Acting In The Second Half Of 2021

When it comes to rising stars of the Korean entertainment industry, acting within the film and television industry certainly seems to be a popular subject of interest for K-Pop idols. Rising stars such as Golden Child’s BoMin, ASTRO’s MoonBin, and so many more talented idols have already successfully debuted as rising acting idols on some of today’s TV shows.

K-Pop idols are taking over the acting industry. Some have been in the industry for years, while some debuted not long ago and still lack experience and exposure.

Over the next few months, we’ll be seeing quite some idols make their acting debut! Some have already been seen onscreen as well as those who haven’t been on for ages. This list includes confirmed and some rumours about idols new to the screen.

Check out the idols debuting soon on TV. The below list is not based on ranking. Viewers must be looking forward to their first acting step.

1. EPEX’s BaekSeung – “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”

BaekSeung has been training to be an idol and an actor alike. He will soon debut in the anticipated drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” with Shin MinA and Kim SeonHo. After that, he will be acting as a popular idol.

2. NCT’s JaeHyun – “Dear. M”

NCTzen is eagerly awaiting JaeHyun’s debut. With his lead role in the KBS campus drama “Dear. M,” fans are eager to know when the drama will air. It was promoted heavily with posters and teasers, but it has delayed its broadcast date due to scheduling conflicts.

Nevertheless, NCTzen is waiting for news of when exactly it will be aired to finally see their idol act on television!

3. NU’EST’s JR – “I’ll Become Your Night.”

From starting his career as an actor at the end of 2016, JR has landed his first acting role in a drama. In addition, he will be acting as the bassist of a K-pop band! Other exciting casting announcements are to come, so stick around for more updates on “I’ll Become Your Night”, starring Jung InSun and U-KISS’s Jun (Lee JunYoung)!

4. Yoon JiSung – “I’ll Become Your Night”

Yoon JiSung, announced his acting debut in the drama “I’ll Become Your Night” alongside popular actors, idol superstar JR. The idol-actor will be playing the part of a famous drummer alongside his onscreen bandmates, also veterans of the K-pop scene.

Ironically enough, Yoon JiSung has been quite fond of music for many years. His musical talent got him into various shows back in his military days.

5. Lee EunSang – “Idol: The Coup”

Lee Eun Sang will make his debut in acting with a couple of projects under his belt. He landed supporting roles in the JTBC drama “Idol: The Coup” and Part-Time Melo, an upcoming web drama where he stars as a university student alongside Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye.

6. BAE173’s HanGyul – “Love in Black Hole”

HanGyul is jumping from music to acting, as he is turning into TaeYang as a university student in his upcoming web drama “Love in Black Hole”. Many are curious about his acting debut, especially how it compares to his performance as a model and singer.

7. SF9’s JaeYoon – “Love in Black Hole”

JaeYoon will be working with HanGyul in “Love in Black Hole”. Before playing Kang JaeYoon, He acted as an idol star in several web dramas, including SF9’s debut titled Click Your Heart. However, Love in Black Hole is his official acting debut.

8. SF9’s YoungBin – “Bubble-Up”

He may not have experience acting, but we’ve seen him at work, and we believe he has the looks and talent to become an idol you will root for. He’s already collaborated with SF9 web drama “Click Your Heart” and made his debut as a guest in Was it, Love? (2020).

9. Kang Daniel – “Our Police Class”

Ever since it has been announced that Kang Daniel will be acting in the Disney+ drama, DANITY is excited at the idea. As a manly and loyal top freshman student of Police University, Daniel will surprise fans with his role in the drama.

Fans are curious about which project they will get to see this year’s rookie idol star lead-in.

10. CIX’s HyunSuk – “Best Mistake 3”

As many of you suspected, HyunSuk of GOT7 is joining the cast of Best Mistake season 3. Things have been confirmed already! Many are looking forward to HyunSuk’s role as a university student who is critical of himself.

On another note, it is reported that YoonA of SNSD will be playing his love interest in the drama. It’s nice to see these two are working together for this upcoming drama!

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