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5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a child again? Or maybe you’re having fun at age 18, but curious about how much more awesome adulthood will be when the clock strikes midnight, and you turn 21? We’ve all been there before.

We’ve brought together a bunch of uplifting movies that will make you feel like a kid again! So put on your party shoes and get ready to scream at the screen.

1. Cheese in the Trap

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn't Miss Out

University student Hong Seol is an ordinary girl who struggles with finding the balance between her classes, part-time jobs and friends. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung is extraordinary. He’s handsome, rich and intelligent – the ideal man! An ultimate Mr Perfect.

Although it may come off as a typical Rom-Com on paper, “Cheese in the Trap” goes deeper into the complicated relationships between young university students. It is easy to be immature while also having to shoulder adult responsibilities, which you can imagine can leave people quite confused about what’s going on around them!

Watch this movie about two young people forming into adults while trying to keep their love for each other alive, their friends not out of favour with the law, and powerful enemies at bay.

2. Midnight Runners

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn't Miss Out

Ki Joon and Kee Yeol (Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul) are university students who share the same dream: becoming kickass police officers! Although their country has very low crime rates, these two believe that it’s more important to be well-prepared for the future. So it’s not a surprise when they witness a kidnapping and immediately think to alert the local police.

These two friends may not be as renowned as their more experienced or as well-read as their more educated counterparts, but they have the most significant amount of simply youthful passion for justice. What was once an unlikely duo unravels itself into one of the most professional pairs out there and becomes something even more incredible than either of them could have ever thought possible. One of the many perks of being young is being unexpectedly fearless, not fearing failure.

Watch “The Midnight Runners” with your friends to shoot for an adrenaline-filled, comedic adventure.

3. My Best Summer

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn't Miss Out

Geng Geng (He Lan Dou) is filled with doubt as she begins high school. Will she make friends? Will she do well in her classes? Does she even belong there? She must be a lucky girl because she finds herself quickly becoming friends with her deskmate Yu Huai (Chen Fei Yu) despite her worries. The pair create a bond so strong they become inseparable. But will this friendship stay the same, or is it a stepping stone into budding romance? If we had to guess, we think it’ll probably be both and perhaps something more than that too!

High school isn’t the only time in our lives when we meet our first loves, but it certainly is a significant time for many people. Most people remember their first love because of what a blissful and pure time it was, even if they were a bit clumsy or awkward during that phase.

If you fancy a movie that shows friendship growing into love, then look no further because this film of teenage lovers will make any 17-year-olds out there wish they can stay young forever.

4. The Last Wish

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn't Miss Out

Living with a degenerative muscle disease is challenging. And with doctors estimating that Gao Yuan has only got another year left to live, he is becoming determined to fulfil his last wish. For this high school boy, that means not dying a virgin! His mischievous friends Xu Hao and Zhang Zheng Yang follow him on his journey for young love, and the trio set out on the final chapter of their friendship.

If you’re looking for a good cry and a hearty laugh as well, “The Last Wish” is both! Despite their young age, the trio has proven their unconditional love and willingness to sacrifice for each other. Consider developing close ties with the characters throughout because you know an inevitable goodbye is coming at the movie’s end. Deepen your insights to have a broader perspective on each of their stories when they part ways.

This movie is based on the South Korean film “The Last Ride,” so if you love this one, we also recommend checking the original – it’s incredible!

5. Detective Chinatown 2

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn't Miss Out

When word spreads that the Godfather of New York City’s Chinatown is gathering the best detectives from around the world to crack a case, a young detective named Qin Feng (Liu Hao Ran) decides to join in on the fun. He brings his uncle Tang Ren (Wang Bao Qiang) along for safety—and because Qin knows he can count on his uncle as a stern voice of reason when things get out of hand. It’s not too hard for these guys to find their missing person – or a dead body – but hey, they aren’t complaining!

Qin Feng is a breath of fresh air with his new perspective, which balances out the mystery and suspense of this movie. Qin may be young, but he doesn’t fall second to any detective out there. Prouder has yet to live up to his uncle’s expectations despite his age! He also proves that one’s passion and efforts that determine their potential.

Go grab your snack because this blockbuster is so screamingly funny it will keep you on the edge of your seat

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Movies That Celebrate Youth You Shouldn
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