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Top Favourite Moments From Episode 5 Of “In The SOOP BTS ver. S2”

This year’s BTS ‘In the SOOP’ series has ended. The video was filled with funny moments that will resonate in our hearts for years. Smile!

It was adorable enjoying some quiet time with Suga and Jungkook as we watched them lose at bowling and play around with other games. We are happy they went out on this high note by showing us the actual versions of themselves, right? Mainly they were in their comfort zones!

Though we will miss seeing them fighting strategically against other teams, we enjoyed watching BTS interact slightly more relaxed than we’ve seen this year! Check out our favorite moments from the last episode.

  1. Call Paik Chef
  2. Jin and RM
  3. Jimin called SUGA Dad
  4. SUGA made Sandwich
  5. Bam and Jungkook
  6. Beautiful Fireworks
  7. Jin sang a cover of ‘Thorn’
  8. Jimin played Justin Bieber’s song (Love Yourself)
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