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6 Japanese drama of 2022 You Should Watch

6 Japanese drama of 2022 You Should Watch THE DRAMA PARADISE

Don’t be confused and watch these best few series to cool up your mind. These Japanese drama have a different storylines and you will find them interesting.

Who needs true love?/ Koi Nante, Honki de YatteDousuruno? (2022)

Japanese drama

True love, do such things exist? This Japanese series is for one’s who don’t believe in love. As a woman, you will find it relatable. If only dramas and fangirling touch your hearts, then this is a series you must binge into.

The series revolves around 6 people, 3 men and 3 women with totally different personalities whose lives will turn upside down when they will meet each other. The thing that is common between the 3 women is that they don’t believe in true love.

Jun Sakurazawa, for her she doesn’t need love, so she has zero experience with love and men, ArisaMayama, for her love is all about calculating cost-effectiveness, Kyoko Kiyomiya finds herself in a sexless marriage after marrying her first boyfriend.

They met 3 men with totally different personalities, ShumaNagamine, who knows how to appeal to women, Katsumi Uchimura, a love-phobic convenience store clerk, and KanameIwahashi, a good-looking guy and a good cook but full of hidden mysteries. What journeys await these six-love-challenged people in the age where even love is digital and rational?

Cast –

  • Hirose Alice as Sakurazawa Jun
  • Matsumura Hokuto as NagamineShuma
  • Nishino Nanase as Kiyomiya Kyoko
  • Iitoyo Marie as MayamaArisa
  • Okayama Amane as Uchimura Katsumi 
  • FujikiNaohito as IwahashiKaname

No. Of Episodes – 10

Watch On – Netflix

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Fishbowl Wives / KingyoTsuma (2022)

Japanese drama

Based on a manga of the same name, revolves around the turbulent marriage of 6 different women who break out of their useless marriage.

This Japanese series is all about lust and love, which continues with the extramarital affair. For them they have totally different perspectives but the only thing that is common between them is “goldfish”. Sakura Hiraga, gave up on her dream due to an accident.

She then gets married to a beauty salon owner, Takuya Hiraga. On outside, they look a happy couple but deep inside they had a shallow relationship. He is an abusive husband. He had an extramarital affair. Sakura finds herself in a helpless situation and identify herself as a “golden fish” in its bowl.

One day, the “goldfish” leads to an opportunity where she meets a man who accepts her as she is. Sakura tries her best but is not able to control her feelings. What will happen to this couple and the other couple too? Will it become their destiny?  

Cast – 

  • Shinohara Ryoko as Hiraga Sakura
  • Iwata Takanori as Toyoda Haruto
  • Ando Masanobu as Hiraga Takuya
  • Hasegawa Kyoko as HakozakiYuriha

No. Of Episodes – 8 

Watch On – Netflix

Mystery To Lunakare / Don’t call it a mystery (2022)

Japanese drama

A suspenseful Japanese drama with a murder mystery, you will love it. TotonoKuno is a university student who has a complex of curly hair but is so talented, and his memory and observations are so skilled. He can solve any mystery with the given facts.

But unfortunately, he is suspected of murdering his class fellow. During interrogation, he becomes aware of some hidden clues and he starts observing them, so he will be able to catch the real culprit. Will he be able to catch the real culprit or will he become the culprit?

Cast – 

  • Suda Masaki as KunouTotono
  • Ito Sairi as Furomitsu Seiko
  • Onoe Matsuya II as IkemotoYuto
  • TsutsuiMichitaka as AotoNariaki

No. Of Episodes – 12 

Watch On – Viki

Prism (2022)

Japanese drama

This Japanese drama you will find interesting as the male lead is bisexual and the story is unique. Maejima Satsuki, an aloof girl who is not serious about anything works as a part time at a garden centre in Tokyo. She aspires to become a voice talent but she is on the brick of giving up.

She meets MorishitaRiku who is a garden designer and ends up working on a garden project together. During the work they came closer to each other but their relation turns upside down when Shiraishi Yuma, a handsome man joins the garden project.

Riku is greatly shaken as he starts having feelings for Yuma. The feelings of the three of them gets tangled up during they focus on completing the project. What choice will Satsuki make? Binge into the different story line series.

Cast – 

  • Sugisaki Hana as Maejima Satsuki
  • Fujiwara Kisetsu as MorishitaRiku
  • Moriyama Mirai as Shiraishi Yuma
  • Sato Kanichiro as Araki Go

No. Of Episodes – 9

Watch On – Asianwiki

Junnai Dissonance (2022)

Japanese drama

If you love to watch student-teacher love story, then this Japanese series is for you. A music teacher, Nitta Masaki joins a new high school. The school has experienced turbulence due to the missing person case of the prior music teacher.

On his first day, Masaki plays piano in the music room at night where he meets his student, Izami Sae. They start to get closer to each other while solving the missing person case. As a teacher, Masaki doesn’t want to accept that he has fallen in love with his student, so he tries to avoid his feelings.

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Meanwhile, Sae knows that she is in complete love with her teacher and doesn’t deny the fact. But soon Sae completes her high school graduation and they part ways. After 5 years they meet again, and when they come close to each other again, Sae finds out that Masaki is married. What will happen to their relation? Will their love will bloom or will it fade away?

Cast –

  • Nakajima Yuto as Nitta Masaki
  • Yoshikawa Ai as Izumi Sae
  • HigaManami as UsuiManami
  • Takahashi Yuto as Asahi Shintaro

No. Of Episodes – 11

Watch On – Viki

Nice Flight ! (2022)

Japanese drama

An educational Japanese series, you must watch as a student. Kurata Sui, a 30-year old honest and kind man who always wants good for people. His dream was to become a pilot after getting into a plane for the first time when he was a child. And finally after several training, he accomplished his dream and landed on his first job as the first officer for an airline.

Suddenly one day, due to bad weather, he experiences a difficult time but due to an excellent female air traffic controller, he and the captain were able to land the plane carefully. Without knowing her name or what she looks like, Kurata Sai falls in love with this female air traffic controller just by listening to her voice. Shibuya Mayu, the female air traffic controller, Kurata Sai has fallen in love with.

She excels in everything and is very hardworking but she lacks her social skills. She is not able to express her feelings to others and is not comfortable to hangout with others. Finally Kurata Sai finds and approach her. Will he be able to confess his feeling ?

Cast – 

  • Tamamori Yuta as Kurata Sui
  • Nakamura Anne as Shibuya Mayu
  • Kichise Michiko as Nanami Kitami
  • OnoeUkon II as Sasaki James

No. Of Episodes – 8

Watch On – Asianwiki

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