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15 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas On MX Player We Loved!

15 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas On MX Player We Loved! THE DRAMA PARADISE

Korean dramas have been taking the world by storm for the past few years and it’s not hard to see why. The refreshing storylines and unique characters, especially the male leads, have won over the hearts of many viewers.

While the language barrier is not really an issue when watching something you love, there are times when you wish you could just sit back and enjoy the drama without having to read the subtitles each time any of your favourite characters delivers a powerful dialogue. Well, we have good news for you!

We’ve compiled a list of Hindi dubbed Korean dramas that are available on MX Player. Sounds great right? Let’s check it out!

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1. I’m Not a Robot

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

“I’m a Robot” is a science fiction that was released in 2017. It follows the story of a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her partner, and a guy who suffers from an allergy that forces him to limit social interaction. The two eventually meet – but what happens next? You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

2. Rich Man

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

This 2018 romantic comedy follows the story of an arrogant boss and a smart, humble employee from the countryside. Based on the work “Rich Man, Poor Woman” by Naoko Adachi, Masami Nishiura, and Ryo Tanaka, the show explores the relationship between the two characters and what transpires between them.

3. Dr. Romantic

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

This medical drama has a unique premise that revolves around a surgeon who mysteriously goes missing and is later found working at a small hospital. He uses his knowledge and experience to teach and guide young medical students. The show has interesting overtones of romance that make it even more enjoyable to watch.

4. Pinocchio

15 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas On MX Player We Loved! THE DRAMA PARADISE

Two journalists team up to fight for justice, but they soon find out that one of them can’t lie because of a syndrome they have. This puts them in a difficult position as they try to navigate their way through the complicated world of fighting for justice. The title Pinocchio refers to the syndrome that one of the journalists has, which doesn’t allow them to lie.

5. Heirs

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

A number of affluent teenagers, who have all inherited significant amounts of property, must still contend with their own unique set of problems.

6. Doctor Stranger

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

After Park Hoon’s father’s death, he flees North Korea to live in the south. There, he meets a female doctor who looks exactly like the woman he fell in love with back at home, but she denies knowing him.

7. 1 Percent Of Something

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

A 2016 drama based on a novel of the same name written by Hyun Go-woon. The story follows an heir to immense wealth and an elementary schoolteacher who get into a pretentious relationship so that the heir can inherit his desired wealth. Things take a turn when their feelings get in the way.

8. Goblin

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

A military general is killed after being framed and cursed to remain immortal, haunted by the pain of his loved ones as retribution for the soldiers killed under his command. The only way he can escape this curse is with the help of his bride, who can pull out the sword needed to end the curse.

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9. That Man Oh Soo

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

A man has the ability to bring people together with his magic. But what happens when he falls victim to his own powers?

10. The King Loves

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

The King’s Love is a romantic historical drama that was released in 2017. It features a love triangle among friends.

11. Where Stars Land

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

Where Stars Land is a 2018 South Korean television series that follows the lives of the employees who work at Incheon International Airport. The show has elements of romance and melodrama, making it a very popular series among fans of the genre.

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12. Kill Me Heal Me

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

If you’re in the mood for a good drama, 2015’s “Kill me Heal me” is a great choice. The story follows the son of a wealthy businessman who suffers from multiple personality disorder and enlists the help of a psychiatrist to help him deal with his condition.

13. Doctor John

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

Doctor John is based on Japanese novel “On Hand of God” written by Yo Kusakabe. It follows the story of two doctors who work together to treat patients with acute, mysterious pain.

14. Bride of The Century

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

The Choi family is no stranger to tragedy. For years, they have been cursed so that the first bride of each generation would die. In this 2014 drama, we see the effects of this curse play out and how the family deals with the deaths of their own.

15. Hospital Ship

Hindi dubbed Korean dramas

A 2017 romance drama about a team of medical professionals who travel on a hospital ship to provide medical help to rural areas on small islands.

Final Thoughts

We’ve got just the thing for you if you’re in need of a new show to binge-watch! Hindi dubbed Korean dramas are now available on MX Player – so log in and get started on your next addiction. Happy viewing!

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