10 Favorite BL Love Confession That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

A love confession is when someone tells another person that they love them.

For fans of romantic dramas, the most important part of the story is the confession, whether it’s a fluffy love story or one that’s hard on the heart. In either case, the confession is like a reward because it puts an end to a drama they’ve been following for weeks. Here, I’ll tell you about some of those happy times.

Some of the following (in no particular order) favourite moments may not be direct declarations of love. I think that the best ways to say “I love you” or “I like you” are through actions or words that aren’t so direct.

1. Win and Team – Until We Meet Again

Win: “You can be afraid of anything in this world, but you can’t be afraid of me.”

Even though it’s not exactly a love confession, Win’s clear desire to protect Team in the Thai BL Until We Meet Again says a lot about how they feel about each other.

Love that is said is beautiful, but love that is shown is so much louder. Love can be a safe place in the middle of chaos, and for Team, Win is that place.

2. Vegas and Pete – KinnPorsche the series

Vegas: “From now on, you’re no longer my pet. You’re the most important person in my life.”

In the TV show KinnPorsche, Vegas, the son of a Mafia boss, and Pete, a bodyguard, have a complicated relationship that is built on pain. Vegas doesn’t trust anyone, and the only feeling he knows well is pain. For him, love means letting someone into his life and making them important.

Pete becomes that person, and that’s the best thing Vegas can give him in terms of love. They learn to trust each other, and that trust is cemented in a tearful moment that stays with you long after the drama is over.

3. Dan and Yok – Not Me

Dan: “Wait for me. Do you understand that? I will not let this go wrong.”

Some people might think that this scene between Dan and Yok in the Thai BL Not Me is the least romantic of the two, because what happens after that is lies, betrayal, and fear. I saw it for what it really was. Dan loves Yok, so no matter what choice he has to make at first, he always ends up choosing Yok.

The important part is “wait for me.” “Wait for me” is the start of their relationship, not the end. Sometimes, to love, we have to put up with and get past things. These two people do both.

4. Sean and White – Not Me

White: “Which version do you prefer? Me as White or me as Black?

Sean: “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter how you look. All I know is that I don’t want the person in front of me to disappear again. Stay with me.”

Thai BL Not Me, with Sean and White, who made my heart melt. It was Sean’s acceptance of White’s identity instead of his twin, Black’s. Sean didn’t become attached to a name. He fell in love with a man who he just knew was right for him. And nothing else matters.

5. Sang Woo and Jae Young – Semantic Error

Sang Woo: “I keep telling myself to send you away. I know it’s pointless to say this to you. But I like you. I like you, Hyung. I really do.”

In the Korean BL Semantic Error, Sang Woo is a neurodiverse main character who is used to living alone and following a routine. This makes it hard to get close to him. He’s hard to understand, but his worst enemy does something that no one else has done.

Designer Jae Young makes a home in Sang Woo’s hard heart, which leads to an emotional confession that feels as freeing to Sang Woo as it does romantic.

6. Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan – The Untamed

Wei Wuxian: “I used to treat you as my lifelong confidant/soulmate.”

Lan Zhan: “I still am.”

Everything in the Chinese bromance was censored. The Untamed is mostly about how the male leads, Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan, use indirect ways to show how they feel. Even though there isn’t a direct declaration of love, the above moment is just as powerful.

One of the most powerful moments in TV history is when Lan Zhan stays by Wei Wuxian’s side despite the doubts of others and the danger of being with Wei Wuxian.

7. Shu Yi and Shi De – No. 1 for You (We Best Love)

Shu Yi: “I, Zhou Shu Yi, like Gao Shi De very much. I love him the most. I like him so much!”

A teary confession shouted from the side of a bridge is the best way to show love. Shi De isn’t very sure of himself, so it’s hard for him to believe that the man he’s loved quietly for years could love him back. But Shu Yi does just that in the Taiwanese film BL No. 1 For You.

He falls in love with Shi De, and the only way to prove it is to do something that Shi De can’t deny. After Shu Yi’s bridge confession, these two still have a long way to go, but it’s the start of a love that, hopefully, will last a lifetime.

8. Ae and Pete – Love by Chance

Ae:  “Will you be my boyfriend?”

Pete: “Ae I like you? What should I do now?”

Their love story is beautiful, and the way they told each other was very different. Ae talks about how he feels for her for a while before he asks, “Will you be my boyfriend?” Pete accepts after he tells Ae how he feels and then blurts out, “Ae, I like you!” “What do I do now?

I loved how vulnerable they both were when they told each other how they felt about each other. When Pete says Yes, Ae was really happy. This is my favorite “Love Confessions” of all time.

9. Kiyoi and Hiru – My Beautiful Man

Hiru: “I love you so much, Kiyoi, that it drives me crazy. I think of you like a god.”

Kiyoi: “I’m not a god.”

In the Japanese BL My Beautiful Man, Hiru and Kiyoi fall in love when they find a place where they are both equal. It’s about bringing a beautiful young man that Hiru has immortalised back to life. “I love you” by Hiru is beautiful, but “I’m not a god” by Kiyoi stole my heart. In just four words, Kiyoi evened the playing field and made him reachable.

Having to live up to a standard is a lonely way to live. When Hiru and Kiyoi told each other they loved each other, it was as much about ending their own loneliness as it was about falling in love with each other.

10. Pharm and Dean in Until We Meet Again

Their love lasted through time and space, and they both knew it was love at first sight. When they first kiss, they say what they want to say. Dean asks Pharm if he knows how he feels, and Pharm shyly nods.

This scene is about a young couple’s love, and the reincarnation theme is in the background. It wasn’t a typical confession, but it was still a confession.

Final Thoughts

These are some of my favorite love confessions of all time. They’re not your typical “I love you” quotes, but they’ll always be special to you and make you smile when you think about these moments. It’s good for the soul to confess, and most BLs have different kinds of confessions. Tell us about some of your favorites.

We’ll be back with more. So, until then, stay tuned to this space for more updates from the Asian BL World.

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