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Update: Geum Sae-rok and Noh Sang-hyun confirmed for Soundtrack #2

Soundtrack #2
Geum Sae-rok and Noh Sang-hyun confirmed for Soundtrack #2

Soundtrack #2

Disney+ is moving forward with the production of the sequel to their series Soundtrack, titled Soundtrack #2. They have announced the casting of Geum Sae-rok (known for The Interest of Love) and Noh Sang-hyun (known for Behind Every Star) as the two leads.

The mini drama will continue the story of two exes, Hyun-seo (played by Geum Sae-rok) and Soo-ho (played by Noh Sang-hyun). They met in college through their band and started dating, but after six years together, the pressures of life after graduation caused strain in their relationship. A misunderstanding eventually led to their breakup.

Four years later, Hyun-seo has given up on her dreams and works as a piano tutor, while Soo-ho is a wealthy CEO experiencing burnout. When they coincidentally meet again after years of no contact, they must confront their lingering resentment and unresolved feelings. Will these former flames find their way back to each other?

The series is written by Jeong Hye-seung and Kim Hee-won (known for Little Women) and is expected to be released in late 2023. While there is no confirmation of the original cast’s return, there is still hope for a cameo appearance by Park Hyung-shik and Han So-hee, as filming is currently underway.

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