9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

We have reached the halfway point of the year, and we have compiled a list of upcoming BL Series of July. The television landscape remains dynamic and vibrant, with a constant stream of fresh and compelling content.

From thrilling dramas to heartwarming comedies, there is something for everyone. The industry shows no signs of slowing down, as creators and networks continue to push boundaries and deliver innovative storytelling.

Here are 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023.

Be Mine SuperStar | 3 July (Thailand)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

As a third-year film student, Punn is beyond thrilled when he secures an internship on the set of an upcoming Thai drama. Eager to learn from the industry’s finest, Punn is excited to embark on this new journey.

Upon arriving on the set, Punn quickly adapts to his role and finds himself surrounded by a team of talented professionals who inspire him every day. However, when he encounters the drama’s leading man, Achi, Punn’s passion reaches new heights. Achi is not only incredibly handsome but also a gifted actor, making him a beloved figure in the nation.

Punn is naturally drawn to Achi and finds himself falling in love with the charismatic superstar. Yet, as a mere intern, Punn wonders if he even stands a chance of capturing the attention of someone as famous as Achi.

The story explores Punn’s journey as he navigates his feelings for Achi while grappling with his own position in the entertainment industry. Will Punn’s love for Achi be reciprocated, or will the challenges of fame and status keep them apart?

Minato’s Laundromat 2 | 5 July (Japan)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

Akira Minato, who runs his grandfather’s laundromat, is about to face unforeseen challenges in his relationship with Shintaro Katsuki. After three months of bliss, their love will be put to the test. Meanwhile, Asuka and Hiiragi, whose romance had been blossoming, find themselves caught in a complicated situation.

Get ready to witness the trials and tribulations that lie ahead for these two couples in this captivating sequel. Will Akira and Shintaro overcome their obstacles and strengthen their bond? And what twists and turns will unfold in the evolving relationship between Asuka and Hiiragi? Brace yourself for an emotional journey filled with love, heartbreak, and the complexities of human connections.

Stay By My Side | 7 July (Taiwan)

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Upcoming BL Series of July 2023 (VIdol)

His grandfather, a spiritual medium, raised Bu Xia. After his grandfather’s funeral, Bu Xia starts hearing voices murmuring in his ears sporadically. Assuming it’s a hallucination, he contemplates seeking medical help. However, he’s in for a surprise when he realizes that the voices in his ears are actually the voices of ghosts. It’s like having a Dolby stereo system in his head. The revelation leaves him dumbfounded as if he has just received a vaccination.

Jiang Chi, Bu Xia’s roommate, excels in both sports and academics. Strangely, Bu Xia notices that the more he interacts with Jiang Chi, the less he hears the ghostly voices. Intrigued by this phenomenon, Bu Xia becomes determined to get closer to Jiang. Is it because of Jiang’s charm that the voices disappear? The more Jiang gets involved, the more confused he becomes about the strange connection between their interactions and the absence of the ghostly voices. As their relationship unfolds, they embark on a journey filled with mystery, friendship, and unexpected discoveries.

Stay With Me | 7 July (China)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

Su Yu, a high school student leading a modest life with his father, experiences a significant change when his mother remarries a wealthy man, bringing his step-brother Wu Bi into his life. At first, Su Yu and Wu Bi couldn’t be more different. Wu Bi is a cold and arrogant top student, while Su Yu is an underachiever with a rebellious streak. Their initial encounters are filled with clashes and misunderstandings.

However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn after they get involved in an accident together. As they spend more time together, they begin to understand each other better and their initial animosity starts to thaw. A deep bond forms between them, transcending their differences.

Just when their connection seems unbreakable, a heated argument exposes their true identities, unveiling secrets that were hidden beneath the surface. The revelation forces them to confront their pasts and the challenges they face as individuals.

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Low Frequency | 8 July (Thailand)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023 (iQIYI)

Mon, a young interior decorator with the ability to see spirits, crosses paths with Mr. Thames, a talented young actor who has been transformed into a sleeping prince due to a tragic accident. As Mon delves deeper into Thames’ story, he discovers that the scandalous rumors surrounding him, including his reputation as a partygoer, a drunk, and a drug addict, are nothing but fake news. Mon sees beyond the surface and recognizes Thames for who he truly is.

Driven by his spirit-seeking abilities and desire to help Thames, Mon embarks on a journey to assist the young actor in his unique predicament. Their connection goes beyond mere chance as they develop a profound relationship that transcends the boundaries of destiny. Together, they work hand in hand to unravel mysteries, solve cases, and thwart those with malicious intentions.

Hidden Agenda | 9 July (Thailand)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023 (GMMTV)

Zo, a person who has been single all his life, finally decides to take a leap and change his relationship status. He becomes infatuated with Nita, the popular girl in school. However, his fear of rejection and failure prevents him from making a move directly. In his quest for guidance, Zo turns to Joke, one of Nita’s ex-lovers, seeking dating advice.

Unbeknownst to Zo, Joke harbors ulterior motives and a hidden agenda. Under the guise of offering dating advice, Joke strikes a deal with Zo. He agrees to provide guidance, but in return, he asks for Zo’s assistance with his studies. Little does Zo realize that Joke’s true intentions may not be as innocent as they seem.

As Zo begins to rely on Joke’s advice, unaware of the underlying intentions, their interactions become more intertwined. Zo’s naivety and trust may put him in a vulnerable position, as Joke’s hidden agenda starts to reveal itself.

Laws of Attraction | 15 July (Thailand)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023

Devastated by the injustice surrounding the death of his niece, a grieving man seeks solace and justice. In his pursuit of truth, he turns to a lawyer known for her pragmatic and realistic approach to cases. As they delve into the intricacies of the legal system, an unexpected bond begins to form between them.

Despite their initial professional relationship, the undeniable force of attraction draws them closer. Love blossoms amidst the chaos and challenges they face together. The lawyer’s realistic point of view clashes with the man’s emotional turmoil, creating a dynamic and complex connection between them.

Wedding Plan | 19 July (Thailand)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023 (Me Mind Y)

In this heartfelt story, we follow the journey of Namnuea, a wedding planner, and Sailom, a businessman who is about to get married. Their love story, however, is far from simple. Sailom is engaged to Yiwa, a seemingly perfect bride chosen to unite their families. Unbeknownst to Namnuea, this wedding is a setup orchestrated to benefit Sailom and Yiwa’s families.

Complicating matters further, Yiwa has her own lover named Marine. Despite Namnuea’s deep affection for Sailom, she is torn between her feelings and her sense of duty. The struggle to reconcile love and responsibility is central to their chaotic love story.

Jun & Jun | 20 July (South Korea)

 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
Upcoming BL Series of July 2023 (W-Story)

Life in a modern South Korean office is full of surprises and excitement! Lee Jun, who once aspired to be a popular singer, has abandoned his dreams and is now venturing into the world of work. Despite lacking experience, he secures an internship at a cosmetics company. Little does he know that he will encounter someone from his past—Choi Jun, a talented and flirtatious man.

Choi Jun has climbed the corporate ladder to become a manager at the company, giving him the power to assign tasks to hardworking interns. The interns find solace in Lee Joo Ha, an assistant manager who tries to protect them from the wrath of higher-ups. As the workload increases for Lee Jun, so does the romantic tension between him and Choi Jun. But their budding romance is not the only one in the office. Two other employees, Simeon and Song Hyun Jae also find themselves drawn to the allure of love.


Whether you’re a fan of suspenseful mysteries, romantic tales, or thought-provoking dramas, there will be an array of options to satisfy your viewing preferences.

Which BL series of July are you looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comment section below! Keep your eyes on “The Drama Paradise” for more upcoming updates.

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 | 9 Upcoming BL Series of July 2023
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