Netflix Original Series “Sweet Home” Reportedly Begins Production For Its Second Season

Reports circulated on October 6th that “Sweet Home 2” is set to begin production in December. Only Lee Si Young and Park Gyu Young will re-join the series, led by a new cast of characters, including the show’s new main leads.

After the success of the first season, many fans are clamouring for a second season. Production company executives have been talking, and it’s confirmed to release soon.

“Sweet Home” is a first for Netflix, as it’s the first Korean series to register in the streaming service’s top 10 most popular TV shows across more than 70 countries. With its colourful depiction of a bizarrely surreal story about an orphaned high school student named Cha Hyun Soo who lost his family and moved into an apartment, “Sweet Home” breaks many barriers for how viewers relate to characters based on their race or nationality.

The first season was led by Song Kang and Lee Jae Hwang (Jae Hwang). The series was helmed by director Kim Soo Ho (“Goblin” and “Descendants of the Sun”). The report says the second season of “Sweet Home” will premiere in 2022.

Netflix is at the centre of speculation these days. The premise tells us they are coming up with something new for their customers to experience. But Netflix clarified they haven’t announced anything yet.

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