Top 5 Korean Web Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This October 2021

Drama enthusiasts alike, get your drama watchlists ready for October now because it’s time you start adding all your favourites to the list. Let us help you with that by introducing you to these 5 Korean dramas, which will surely leave you spellbound once they are aired.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 web dramas for your viewing pleasure. But, of course, you won’t want to miss these new episodes airing later in the season!

1. “My Sweet Dear”

A romantic comedy about two chefs competing for the top spot at the world’s most prestigious restaurant centred around the theme of love that persisted during this fierce confrontation between both renowned competitors. As they spend more time together, the jealousy that separates them melts away, bringing them closer together.

When and Where: From October on WeTV, U-NEXT, Line TV, Viki

Genre: BL

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2. “Jinx”

It tells the story of a jinxed college student who has a sneezing problem that causes bad luck and struggles to make friends.

When and Where: From October 6 on Kakao TV

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

3. “Your Playlist”

A “big-league dream” drama that follows a free agent middleman, his players, and friendship accompanied by episodes playlisting together through an online jukebox.

When and Where: From October 15 on Hellolive

Genre: Youth Romance

4. “Work Later, Drink Now”

A full-bodied, warm and wacky sitcom depicting the lives of three women who believe every day should end with a drink.

When and Where: From October 22 on TVING

Genre: Comedy

5. “Peng”

A rom-com about a heroine living her thirties with gusto — two of the most essential ingredients being laughter and true friendship! We’ll follow her as she experiences the journey of life, love, and 30s with four different men who have made it their mission to awaken her sleeping love cells.

When and Where: From October 7 on Playlist Studio & WATCHA

Genre: Romance

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