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Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho feature in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha“, a 2021 Korean drama. Yoon Hye-jin, a dentist from Seoul, moves to the little coastal village of Gongjin to open her clinic. While there, she meets Hong Doo-sik, a jack-of-all-trades who works various odd jobs around town, including car-washing and providing motorcycle rides.

As the story progresses, Hye-jin and Doo-sik have a delightful and amusing friendship that gradually evolves into something more. Along the way, they become entangled in the lives of the town’s eccentric citizens, including a fishmonger, a real estate agent, and a group of seniors who have started their own band.

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Characters are one of “Hometown Cha-Cha- Cha’s” strong points. The drama has a large ensemble of well-developed characters with peculiarities and characteristics. The chemistry between the two main characters, Hye-jin and Doo-sik, is especially notable. Their witty banter and touching moments of vulnerability make them lovable and approachable.

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

The setting is another strength of the drama. The idyllic backdrop of the plot is the small coastal town of Gongjin, with its picturesque scenery and quaint local businesses adding to the overall ambience of the series. The town is practically a character in its own right, with its history and traditions playing an essential role in the action.

“Hometown Cha-Cha- Cha’s” soundtrack is particularly noteworthy, including a mix of popular Korean songs and unique compositions that match the series’ joyful tone.

Nonetheless, the drama has its challenges. Some viewers may find the plot slow-moving, emphasising character development and small-town charm taking precedence over a more complicated storyline. Also, some viewers may find the drama’s ending somewhat predictable or clich├ęd.

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

Ultimately, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” is a touching and enjoyable drama that shows the abilities of its actors and crew. While the plot and structure may not create the new ground, the series is a beautiful diversion that provides a glimpse into the peaceful life of a small Korean village. Fans of the romantic comedy genre should indeed watch it.

Main Characters

Kim Seon-ho as Hong Du-sik

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

Shin Min-a as Yoon Hye-jin

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

Lee Sang Yi as Ji Sung Hyun

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

Support Role

  • In Gyo Jin as Jang Yeong Guk [District head]
  • Lee Bong Ryun as Yeo Hwa Jeong [Building owner]
  • Jo Han Chul as Oh Chun Jae / Oh Yoon [‘Live Cafe & Pub’ owner]
  • Kang Hyung Suk as Choi Eun Chul [Police substation’s constable]
  • Kim Young Ok as Kim Gam Ri / “Supervisor Kim”
  • Lee Yong Yi as Lee Ma Ji
  • Shin Shin Ae as Park Sook Ja
  • Cha Chung Hwa as Cho Nam Sook [Department store president / Chinese restaurant owner]
  • Gong Min Jung as Pyo Mi Seon [Hye Jin’s best friend]
  • Kim Min Seo as Oh Ju Ri [Chun Jae’s daughter]
  • Yoon Seok Hyun as Choi Geum Chul [Doo Shik’s friend]

Reasons why you should watch “Hometown cha cha cha”

 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

Compelling storyline: “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a skilled and well-known dentist, Yoon Hye-jin, who moves from Seoul to a small seaside village called Gongjin, where she meets the village’s jack-of-all-trades, Hong Doo-Shik, and the two forms an unlikely bond.

Great chemistry between the lead actors: The onscreen chemistry between actors Shin Min-a (who plays Yoon Hye-jin) and Kim Seon-ho (who plays Hong Doo-Shik) is undeniable, making their interactions a joy to watch.

Beautiful scenery: The show is set in a picturesque seaside village, which provides a stunning backdrop for the series.

Quirky characters: The village of Gongjin is full of unique and exciting characters, each with distinct personalities and quirks.

Heartwarming moments: The show has many heartwarming moments that make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Witty humour: The show’s humour is intelligent and funny, with many laugh-out-loud moments.

A unique love story: The show’s central love story is refreshing and unique, making it stand out from other romantic comedies.

Great acting: The entire cast of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” delivers strong performances, bringing the story and characters to life.

Exciting plot twists: The show has many plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next.

Positive messages: “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” promotes positive messages about community, love, and acceptance, making it a feel-good show that you won’t want to miss.


 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy

“Hometown Cha Cha Cha” has been a widely popular and well-received Korean drama. It has been praised for its engaging storyline, beautiful scenery, great acting, and heartwarming moments. The chemistry between the lead actors has been particularly noted as a strong point of the show, and the quirky characters and smart humor have also been appreciated by viewers.

Overall, “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is a charming and feel-good series that has left a positive impression on many who have watched it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cha cha cha mean in “Hometown cha cha cha” drama?

The Korean drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha,” the phrase “Cha Cha Cha” is likely used as a metaphorical representation of the lively and upbeat atmosphere of the seaside village of Gongjin, where the story takes place. It may also refer to the idea of socializing and dancing, which are common activities in the village.

Will there be season 2 of “Hometown cha cha cha”?

There has been no official announcement regarding a second season of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha.” However, the show’s popularity and positive reception have led to speculation about the possibility of a second season. It is not uncommon for popular Korean dramas to have subsequent seasons, but ultimately it will depend on the production company’s decision and the availability of the cast and crew.

Is Hometown cha cha cha worth watching?

Yes, “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is worth watching, especially if you enjoy romantic comedies with heartwarming moments and beautiful scenery. The show has received widespread praise for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and refreshing take on the genre. The chemistry between the lead actors and the quirky characters also make for an enjoyable and charming viewing experience. Additionally, the show promotes positive messages about community, love, and acceptance, making it a feel-good series that is well worth watching.

Does Hometown cha cha cha has a happy ending?

The show is a romantic comedy with a focus on the development of the relationship between the lead characters. As such, the overall tone of the show is light-hearted and optimistic, and the ending is consistent with this tone.

Was hometown cha cha cha filmed in jeju island?

Yes, “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” was filmed on location in various parts of Jeju Island, South Korea. Many of the show’s most iconic scenes were filmed in and around the town of Gongjin, which is located on the southeastern coast of the island. Other locations include the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, the Gwangchigi Beach, and the Jeju Haenyeo Museum, among others. The island’s natural beauty and unique culture played an important role in the show’s setting and atmosphere, and the stunning scenery adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the series.

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 | Review: Hometown cha cha cha - Charming romantic comedy
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