Top 10 JTBC Dramas With The Highest Ratings Ever

JTBC, one of the leading TV broadcasting stations in South Korea, produces several top-quality drama series each year that have attracted international audiences with their exciting storylines, excellent locations and famous actors.

1. “World Of The Married”


This K-drama released in 2020 has had the highest rating at 28.4%. It’s still regarded as one of the top K-dramas to ever be created and if you haven’t seen it – make sure you do so! Starring Kim HeeAe, Park HaeJoon, and Han SoHee.

2. “Sky Castle”


The drama starring Kim Seo Hyung and Yoon Se Ah (and other familiar faces) has been such a relief to watch as it is full of exciting storylines and always prompts us to think. This shows this pure side to the reality that most people face. This drama, directed in 2019, was ranked second after garnering 23.8% viewer ratings!

3. “Itaewon Class” 


The webtoon-based drama gained an outstanding international reputation in 2020 and claims the third spot on this list with 16.5 % ratings. Starring top actors Park SeoJoon and Kim DaMi, it tells the story of a youth-themed fast-paced K-Drama that has been viewed as a refreshing take on realistic storytelling via impressive dialogues and one of the best OSTs that’s been received by viewers.

4. “The Lady Of Dignity”


The K-Drama series is about a woman whose life turns around when her father-in-law loses all his savings. She seeks help from a mysterious caregiver named Song Woh AhJin to care for him. The drama aired on the JTBC network in 2017 and was highly rated with an impressive 12.1% per episode. The relatable premise, coupled with its unique storyline and touching performances, has resulted in this drama becoming one of the most popular Korean TV shows.

5. “The Light In Your Eyes”


The mystery melodrama drama stars a 70-year old woman who desperately tries to time travel and returns back to the past to save her father – many Koreans have praised Han JiMin for her brilliance in her acting along with Kim HeeJa’s unwavering performance that was sure not to be outdone by the well-known actress. The 2019 production is a heartwarming tale about loss, friendship, and finding love, with a 9.7% rating per episode.

6. “Strong Woman Do BongSoon”


Watch rom-com with Park BongSook, a rookie trainee with supernatural powers and by CEO of an IT company played by Park HyeongSeik. This lighthearted and entertaining series is number 5 on this list with 9.7% ratings.

7. “Misty”


The story is about a popular anchorwoman who becomes a prime suspect in a murder case, and her ex-husband, who was once a prosecutor but is now a public defender and takes up her case during the series, which stars Kim NamJoo and Jin JiHee, whose brilliant portrayal of their characters led to the success of the series which got a high viewership rating of 8.5% on the network.

8. “Thirty-Nine”

This melodrama revolves around the story of three friends who are about to turn 40. The drama starring Jeon MiDo, Son YeJin and Kim JiHyun has touched many heartstrings with its touching storyline and music, and sound effects with the high rating of 8.1% achieved by the drama was no longer a surprise.

9. “Forecasting Love and Weather”

The Office Romance brings the drama as it stars Song Kang, Yoon Bak, Park Min Young and Girl’s Day Yu Ra. This K -Drama is about the staff of a National Weather Service station, the complications of love in the workplace and roles in the family with a 7.8% rating.

10. “The Good Detective”

Because of its riveting storyline and shocking twists, this crime drama ranks 10th on the list with 7.6% ratings. Featuring Lee Elijah, Jang Seung-jo, and Son Hyun-jo, ‘Veteran’ tells the story of a veteran detective, a young genius reporter, and their quest for the truth about a mysterious murder that occurred 5 years ago.

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