5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

We love them, we despise them, but we can’t help but admire them (Psychopaths). Some K-Drama actors take their characters to the point where they perfectly convey the character’s emotions and identity off the screen and into our hearts.

Psychopathic characters are among the most difficult to portray. The players must immerse themselves in the dark persona and participate in cruel and gruesome acts.

As difficult as it is, we have good instances of performers who have nailed such parts. Their smiles gave us the creeps, and their laughter made us shudder. Nonetheless, they succeeded in making us believe them.

In this blog, you will find out, outstanding Korean drama actors who nailed The Role Of Psychopaths.

1. Seong YunO In “Somebody”

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

Who would have guessed that the charming actor from “Hello, Me!” and “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” would be viewed as a lethal serial killer?

In “Somebody,” Kim YoungKwang plays Seong YunO. A heinous serial killer who uses the app ‘Somebody’ to track down his victims. Since the beginning, YunO has been a mystery.

He is a tall young man who typically dresses in a flannel shirt. His demeanor does not scream bad boy, but once you’re close enough, there’s no turning back. He’d take the girls out on a romantic date, but it would be their last.

2. DoShik In “Midnight”

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

The mystery is what adds to the character’s appeal. Though we get glimpses into the lives of other characters, we learn relatively little about DoShik. Except for a few indications in his talks, there was little nothing revealed about his prior life.

As lethal as he is, one cannot deny the connection between the leads, and despite their best efforts, the audience did ship both of them.

3. JunWoo In “Vincenzo

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

In this drama, Ok TaecYeon demonstrates his duality, and we enjoyed it!

Jang JunWoo is introduced as a cute naive intern lawyer at beginning. He studied in the United States and can frequently converse in both Korean and English. JunWoo often help Hong ChaYoung with her cases and also when she was going in the wrong direction. He would trail her around like a puppy.

However, the drama took an unexpected turn in episode 4 when it was revealed that JunWoo was the true CEO and mastermind. He was diagnosed as a psychopath at a young age. He is tremendously ambitious in his goals and would go to any length to achieve them. Even if that meant killing the other person.

4. Baek Hee Sung In “Flower of Evil”

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

Because Baek Hee Sung was in a coma, Do Hyun Soo assumed his identity. Finally, he resurrects, and the moment he does, he begins plotting to murder Do Hyun Soo. He was Do Hyun Soo’s father’s accomplice. Hee Sung assassinated Hyun Soo’s father.

Baek Hee Sung wishes to reclaim his identity. He starts killing them again, and this time he doesn’t even pause. His persona exudes frigid and cold vibes, and I absolutely despise him while giving him credit for playing his role so well. Ji Hoon is a famous Korean drama actor who excels at portraying psychopathic characters.

5. Jung Ba Reum In “Mouse”

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

Jung Ba Reum is a police officer who is very nice to everyone in his community. He received the Citizen Hero Award after defeating bullies in high school.

In everyone’s views, Ba Reum is an innocent guy who would hesitate to kill an ant, but in truth, he was a psychopathic killer who killed people for the sake of killing others.

This drama will give you chills, and you will suspect Jung Ba Reum and Sung Yo Han, both of whom could be psychopathic killers.

 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths

These performers have outperformed audiences’ expectations for Psychopaths roles. Which actor do you believe is capable of playing such grim parts flawlessly?

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 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths
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 | 5 Male Actors Who Nailed The Role Of Psychopaths