Review: “Vincenzo” KDrama To Add on Your Watch-List!

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Are you also a kdrama lover whose favourite type of kdrama is one which has a lot of kill – thrill but at the same time full of comedy….. So guess what!. This korean drama is for you VINCENZO CASSANO.


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Vincenzo, who is an Italian -korean- mafia – lawyer comes to Korea in search of gold where he meets a senior prosecutor.

Who has been fighting for so long against a pharmaceutical company ‘THE BABEL’ which has committed many sins so far like-

Use of illegal chemical substances in their medicines and bribing etc….

Their lawyer is Hong Cha Young , who is the daughter of the senior prosecutor. Vincenzo decides to help senior prosecutor but , he dies which makes his daughter Cha Young to stand against BABEL and she, with the partnership of Vincenzo proves to be a powerful and daring couple who manages to take revenge of victims associated with illegal activities of BABEL PHARMACEUTICALS.

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However while fighting against a common enemy both fall in love with each other.

In this drama we’ll also get to see a lot of comedy scenes but at the same time with thrill.

Rage and aggression depicted here is so realistic that you will start hating and even cursing the villain while watching because the characters are played so well by the actors.

HATS OFF!! to their awesome and marvelous acting skills.


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This drama is perfect for those who love suspense and mystery but at the same time a lot of comedy.

 In each and every episode one suspense builds and another opens up…. It is a perfect mixture of both genres in proper proportions -: neither too much nor less than enough.


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This drama series is a overall hit as its has excellent ratings of -: 8.5/10 on IMDB, 9/10 on DRAMALIST

While 97% of the viewers loved this show. So to rate this drama i’d like to give a 10 out of 10 as it is the one I’ll recommend to everybody.


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Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo:

His character is very daring and intelligent as he works for Italian Mafia

Jeon Yeon Been as Hong Cha Young:

She is a dramatic lawyer who is a perfectionist when it comes to her job as a lawyer

Ok Taec Yeon as Jang Jun woo:

He is a psychopath who first works as an undercover boss but later exposes his identity when things run out of his hand




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OST stands for ‘original sound track’ .

Oftenly is happens that we forgot the plot of a drama but the osts still remain in our playlists. This series has a good collection of osts like-

  • Ombra mai fu
  • Adrenaline
  • I am always by your side

….. and much more


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So if you are craving for a buzzing series then this one should be your next.

It is hard to miss as everything is so perfect and smooth . This drama can really make you burst out of laughter. You can have a good laughter time while watching this with lots of butterflies tickling out of excitement to see what happens next… In the end I’d like to conclude by saying that if you haven’t watch then don’t waste time and watch this series.

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 | Review: "Vincenzo" KDrama To Add on Your Watch-List!
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 | Review: "Vincenzo" KDrama To Add on Your Watch-List!