Review of K-Drama Cheer up: What will you Choose Passion-Love or Money?

cheer up

Cheer up starred Han Ji-hyun as Do Hae-yi and Bae In-hyuk as Park Jung-woo.

It is the first leading drama of Han Ji-hyun. She is a South Korean actress and model. She is known for her supporting role in The Wind Blows (2019) and later on, she become famous for her supporting role in The Penthouse: War in Life (2020–2021) and got recognition for it.

Bae In-hyuk is a South Korean actor and best known for his roles in My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021), At a Distance, Spring Is Green (2021), and his main lead role in the Cheer Up (2022).


Cheer up synopsis

Do Hae-yi works lots of part-time jobs to complete her family’s needs and somehow got admission to Yeonhee University. She hopes to surprise his boyfriend with whom she has been in a relationship since high school but unfortunately she got to know he wants to break up with her.

She joins the Yeonhee Cheerleader club as Bae Young-woong pays her for joining it. He is an alumnus of the cheerleader club of the university. He pays her for joining the group because Kim Hyun-jin likes Do Hae-yi and is popular at the university.

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If a popular guy joins the group then the rest of the students follow them as they required more club members to prevent disbanding of the group. Park Jung-woo is the Captain of the cheerleading group. He wants the cheerleading group to be recognized by the university and have the respect and fund as for the clubs.


cheer up cast

Student of the theology department and member of the cheerleader club.

Captain and President of the cheerleader club. Student of astronomy physics.

Medical student of the medicine department and a member of the cheerleader club. He has crush on Do Hae-yi and was pursuing her to make her girlfriend.

Alumni of the university and supporter of the cheerleader club of the university.

She is a childhood friend of Do Hae-yi and a member of the cheerleader club. They are classmates.


Cheer Up is one of the dramas that inspired me and leave me in a blank spot for a while. This drama helps me realize how small the problems are; you can overcome them, but we only require patience. Social media could be evil not as a subject but it could be used as a tool to disturb you mentally.

This drama taught me to live in the present and forget about the past and future. How rich or poor you are is neither a blessing nor a sin. If you are poor but you have great friends and if you are rich but have nobody to talk to so it’s not worth it.

Your passion leads to your happiness but it costs you time while money is all you need to provide for your family and have a great life of your own. But is a passion worth sacrificing on the verge of money, it depends on the situation. Always remember if you are passionate about something you’ll be able to do it at the cost of your time and money.

As New Year is here, I really hope you guys will find your passion and go for it not for pleasure but for happiness and self-satisfaction. Wish you a very Happy New Year Guys!!! Just let me know how much you liked the drama after watching it…

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