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Review: “KinnPorsche sets the bar in the BL history”

Review: “KinnPorsche sets the bar in the BL history” THE DRAMA PARADISE

KinnPorsche which aired on 22nd April back in 2022 somehow is still on the list of many people’s watchlist. The amazing thing about this series is the setting of it’s plot and cinematography and the excellent acting of each actor. Each of them did an amazing job of playing their respective characters. Starting from the story of main leads which are ‘Kinn and Porsche’ to the second ‘Vegas and Pete’ and the third  ‘Porchay and Kim’ to the story of the main villain (which is still a mystery for the viewers) is filled with suspense and unsolved mystery. 


The story of Porsche played by Apo or Nattawin Wattanagitiphat opens up with him working as a bartender and a boxer to earn a living for him and his brother played by Tinnasit Isarapongporn. The camaraderie between him and his brother was really heart-wrenching for the viewers as Porchay is partly the reason to cause the drama between Kin and Porsche.

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Kinn and Porsche

Review: “KinnPorsche sets the bar in the BL history” THE DRAMA PARADISE

The plot revolves around the main character Porsche, a plain man with multiple talents ranging from bartender to fighter to escort. He has only one mindset: earn money to pay off the debt and cover the costs of his brother’s education and well-being. Having said that, he is also a nice friend and a compassionate person who looks after his family, particularly his brother. 

This character is presented as courageous and determined, eager to go to the extreme extent for his family. He dropped out of school earlier in his life to care for his brother when their parents died when he was younger.  After all, he was doing anything he wanted this year until he met his fate, that is ‘Kinn,’ the great mobster who chose Porsche as his new bodyguard after saving him from his enemies the other night. On the same night, their fates became entwined, which causes these two characters to go back and forth in their connection, depicting the complicated principles of the boss and bodyguard relationship.

Later episodes show how Kinn’s persona is explored and portrayed in a unique way. There are several iconic sequences that show Kinn’s humble and gentle side, such as the one where they have heart-to-heart chats and we learn about Kinn’s desire to become a singer and live a normal life. Even though the scenes are brief, these minor nuances reveal the character’s inner emotions. 

Their situations also demonstrate how life can take you on unexpected journeys merely to get you to your destination. Again, various people have different ideas about what is right and wrong. 

The chemistry between the two characters is absolutely amazing and balanced as an on-screen couple. It’s rare to witness the natural flow of chemistry between two actors. So in this case they owned every scene of their characters. 

The steamy scenes of this series seem to be very passionate and add a moment of euphoria between the characters which offers some inner depth to the story. Also, it explores their love story through life and death situations.

Moving onto our next BL couple that is Vegas and Pete which was played by Bible or Wichapas Sumettikul and Jakapan Puttha aka Build. 

Vegas and Pete

Review: “KinnPorsche sets the bar in the BL history” THE DRAMA PARADISE

The story begins with Vegas, a member of the minor family and Kinn’s father’s brother’s kid. This character’s unique quality is that, while being an antagonist, Because of his family’s plight, he manages to elicit pity from the audience. We watch how the unexpected intervention in his life transformed him into a different person. Their screen timing in the series is not justified, hence the tale lacks the connecting dots of their story.

Pete, the story’s most calm and obedient character, served as one of Thankhun’s bodyguards, the oldest member of the Kinn’s family dubbed the major family. The interaction between these two characters was brief and violent, but it piqued the interest of the fans.

Kim and Porchay


“Kim”, played by Jeff Satur, is the middle child of the family who is an undercover spy and a singer. The story of Kim and Porchay starts to evolve when Kim intervenes in the life of Kim’s new bodyguard Porche. But surprisingly later we will witness how fate is brutal to some people.

Other characters

Other characters like Thankhun and the other bodyguards and the supportive actors also nailed their acting equally.

In the last would like to end my review with a rating that is 8.8/10

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