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Crash Course in Romance Korean Drama Review 2023 – Another Healing Drama

Crash course in romance - review

Crash Course in Romance – The Plot

Nam Haeng-Seon owns a side dish store, and she raises her niece, Nam Hae-yi. Nam Jae-woo, her neurodiverse brother, also lives with them. On the other hand, Choi Chi-yeol is a celebrity math teacher at the famous private academy, The Pride. He has an eating disorder that comes from past trauma.

This drama gave us same vibe as – “Hometown cha -cha -cha”, “Our Blues”.

Main Casts

Jeon Do-yeon as Nam Haeng-seon

crash course in romance

She runs a shop with her friend; before that, she was a handball player. She gave up on her dreams to provide a better future for her niece.

Jung Kyung-ho as Choi Chi-yeol

Crash Course in Romance

He’s the star teacher who teaches math at Pride Academy. He’s very famous for teaching math, and he has an eating disorder.

Drama: The Course in Romance

No. of Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Original Network: Netflix and tvN

Season 1 Review

Crash Course in Romance

In a series of fortunate events, Choi Chi-yeol steals Jae-woo’s mobile and breaks it, entering into a sweet laugh-out-loud situation with the Nam family. Interestingly, along the way, he also discovers that, for once, he can eat without puking his guts out. But where is this food from? Haeng-seon’s shop, of course! It’s a romantic comedy, remember!?

Suppose we had to describe Crash Course in Romance. In that case, it’s a typical romantic comedy with a hint of comedy and warmth, plus an entirely unnecessary criminal subplot. This sums up the entire review!

Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance is a typical romantic comedy. It’s your standard enemy-to-lovers plot, where the two main characters come from different backgrounds and experiences. They start hating each other, wanting to injure each other, but eventually, they start to like each other. The lead characters, Nam Haeng-seon and Choi Chi-yeol are classic examples of a struggling single mother and a rich, snobbish male lead, respectively. But in the end, the male information falls for the kind, simple-hearted female lead, who’s anything but unique on the surface.

The classic drama romcom plot of a history that eventually helps the two leads come together is a trope that has been used in romantic comedies for a long time in the kdrama industry.

Crash Course in Romance

The show would still work great as a romantic comedy without the addition of the mystery/hidden murderer plot. It added nothing to the story, making the plot longer and more confusing.

Even though some factors work against it, the kdrama still manages to be enjoyable. Not because of the romance, though! Despite its straightforward, not-so-unique rom-com nature, the backdrop of the high-stakes and insanely complicated Korean educational system makes the show work. The show features the crushing academic pressure on high school students and their fierce competition. It also highlights their parents’ stress, who sometimes become their living hell instead of a support system.

Crash Course in Romance

The show ends on a good note for Bang Su-ah. Although she has caused a lot of trouble for Nam Hae-yi and her family – like kicking her out of a prestigious program at The Pride academy – the series tries to make viewers understand where her actions come from.

Bang Su-ah faces immense mental pressure from a highly competitive environment, eventually leading to her mental breakdown. Ultimately, she makes peace with Nam Hae-yi, suggesting that it’s not the child’s fault but the system’s for pushing children to extreme psycho-social lengths.

“Crash Course In Romance” with Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Crash Course In Romance

The producers of “Crash Course in Romance” were all very friendly and positive on set, which made the filming process enjoyable for everyone. The director, Yoo Je Won, created a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere, and each actor contributed to the positive energy on set. This resulted in a friendly and heartwarming environment that was full of life.

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“The cast and crew of ‘Crash Course in Romance’ were great team players throughout filming,” they continued. “Thanks to their close-knit teamwork and chemistry, the drama was rich and enjoyable. We’re so grateful for all the love it received!”

Check out some behind the scene photos below!

Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance
Crash Course In Romance

Our Rating

In conclusion, Crash Course in Romance is still a lighthearted, warm watch if you can pull through some sub-plots and sometimes annoying stock character tropes. The interactions and familial relationships are lovely to watch; one cannot stop rooting for the high schoolers. We give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating. That is it for our Crash Course in Romance review. Watch the show on Netflix!

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