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Again My Life: review (k drama)

A gripping action drama mixed with some fantasy, Again My Life is your perfect getaway from a regular rom-com. Lee Joon Gi dons the costume of a righteous prosecutor who gets a second chance at life after he is killed unfairly by the hitman of a corrupt politician. If you are wondering whether to watch this recent drama or not, here is a brief review to help you decide.

The Cast

Lee Joon Gi plays the main protagonist, Kim Hee Woo, who is an elite prosecutor in Seoul. He is upright and gives great importance to justice. 

Kim Ji Eun plays Kim Hee Ah who is at the same university as Hee Woo. She is the second daughter of the Chairman of Cheonha group, a major business group in the country.

Kyeong Yeong Lee plays Cho Tae Sub, an assemblyman who wishes to bring all the power in the Republic of Korea under his control. 

Jung Sang Hoon as Lee Min Soo, a playful and easygoing person who joins law school after dropping out of medical school. He has a hidden agenda that is later figured out by Kim Hee Woo. 

Hong Bi Ra as Kim Kyu Ri

Kim Jae Kyung as Kim Han Mi

Choi Guang Il as Kim Seok Hoon

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The Genre

Action, drama, fantasy

The Plot

Lee Joon Gi is classy and charismatic as a prosecutor. His character, Kim Hee Woo is an experienced prosecutor who is hell-bent on bringing down Cho Tae Sub, an assemblyman who is at the top of the biggest corruption chain which includes several officials, ministers, businessmen and even the President. After he calls Cho Tae Sub in for questioning, he is killed by his hitman.

But the grim reaper grants him a second chance in life under the condition that he punishes Cho Tae Sub and shows him that there is hell before death too. Kim Hee Woo is taken back to when he was 21 when he was still a high school graduate. Knowing about the events in the future, he decides to fix everything that went wrong in his previous life. This includes saving his parents from dying and passing the entrance test in his attempt rather than the third.

 In university, he meets Kim Hee Ah, the daughter of a large business group and Lee Min Soo, a medical school dropout who joined law school. After staying friends for several years, they join hands with Kim Hee Woo to bring down Cho Tae Sub and the corrupt officials who are helping him. 


It has 16 episodes with each one being an hour long.

The Romance

Again My Life is not a romantic drama. So you will not get to see a sizzling chemistry or cute romance. But there is a subtle chemistry between Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee Ah that keeps you wishing for more. They click with each other in their first meeting and have had a sweet relationship since then. Initially, it feels like she is the only one who has a crush on him but eventually we see them building up their chemistry. They start dating at the end of the drama. 

OST (Original Soundtrack)

The drama has a few catchy songs that are sure to keep you grooving. 

  • Till the end by Yoo Sung Eun
  • Alone by GB9
  • Tragedy by Sondia
  • Bring it on by Son Seung Yeon 
  • What the Ggang by Yoon Do Hyun
  • Burn by Park Do Joon 

are a few to name. 


  • 7.8/10 IMDb
  • 9.4/10 Rakuten Viki
  • 8.3/10 MyDramaList 

Where To Watch

It is available on Rakuten Viki, the Hi tv app and many other platforms.

To Sum Up

This is not a regular action drama with vicious villains and complicated scenarios. It gives more of a fresh vibe. Even when you feel it is getting complicated, Kim Hee Woo comes up with a clever solution to unwind it.  In fact, it is quite a smooth ride for him in his second life. His witty and sociable personality will surely keep you hooked on the drama. He also has amazing chemistry with all the other characters of the drama, so much that even the main antagonist admires his character. 

So, don’t think too much. Watch ‘Again My Life’ now. Happy watching.

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