15 Korean BL Web Dramas To Be Released In 2022-23

If you’re a fan of Boys Love dramas, you’re in for a treat! Korean BLs started back in 2020 with “Where Your Eyes Linger” and other great releases. In 2021, there were plenty of other exciting releases – check the list here. The genre is popular worldwide and more and more Korean BL web dramas are being produced. So mark your calendars, because in 2022 there will be even more BL dramas coming your way!

Here’s a list of all the Korean BL web dramas announced for 2022. Some of these dramas don’t have a lot of information released yet, but we’ll try to update this list regularly.

1. “Happy Ending Outside the Fence”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: TBA

Cast: VIXX’s LeoHa JungWoo

2. “The Director Who Buys Me Dinner”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: A new employee was having lunch with his director when the director made a comment that he had lived three lives. The new employee thought this was crazy, but the director was very serious. He said that if they didn’t date, they would both die.

Cast: Park YoungWoon, Park JeongWoo, W.O.W’s YooSung

3. “Follow the Wind”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: “Follow the Wind” is a band that dreams of making it big. Their manager, HanTae, does everything he can to make that happen. But when Wind, the band’s singer, falls in love with a girl who’s not part of the music scene, HanTae has to figure out what’s more important: the music or the romance.”

Cast: Jang DoYoon, TBA

4. “Bon Appetit”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: An office worker falls in love with his neighbor who is a great cook..

Cast: Lee KiTaek (rumored), Yoo JeongHoon (rumored)

5. “Love Tractor”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: SeonYool, a city man, takes a trip to the countryside where he meets YeChan, a rural man who loves the area. The two of them quickly fall in love with each other, but will their different lifestyles tear them apart?

Cast: TBA

6. “Secret Relationship”

Korean BL Web Dramas

Summary: DaOn is a resourceful and hardworking employee who is trying to improve his economic situation. His frugal habits often annoy his coworker SeongHyun, who hates him. However, after an incident where DaOn’s poverty is revealed to SeongHyun, the two men begin to grow closer. Meanwhile, DaOn is trying to sort out his feelings for JaeMin, his former tutor. With all of these emotions and secrets, what will happen to DaOn?

Cast: TBA

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7. “A Shoulder to Cry On”

Summary: After TaeHyun makes a joke that gets DaYeol in trouble, DaYeol’s future as an athlete is in jeopardy. He asks TaeHyun to tell the truth, but he starts to realize that he’s being swayed by TaeHyun’s words.

Cast: OMEGA X’s JaeHan and YeChan

8. “Starstruck”

Summary: Seo Hyunjun and Jo Woojae have been close friends since middle school. Seo Hyunjun has been hiding his one-sided love for Jo Woojae for years, thinking that Jo Woojae will never love him back. But one day, while Seo Hyunjun was getting a gift for Jo Woojae, he saw his own gift under Jo Woojae’s feet and confessed his feelings to him out of anger.

Cast: TBA

9. “Eccentric Romance”

Summary: Sung Hoon and Jay are two friends who belong to the same club on campus. When a mysterious murder case occurs, they put their heads together to try and solve it. However, things are complicated by the fact that they each have very different personalities – Sung Hoon is cold while Jay is shy and cute. Will they be able to solve the case despite their differences?

Cast: a Thai and Korean actor: Save Saisawat, Yoon JunWon

10. “The New Employee”

Summary: The love story between a company team leader and an intern at an advertising agency is one that interests many people.

Cast: Kwon Hyuk, Moon JiYong, Choi SiHun

11. “Choco Milk Shake”

Summary: This is the story of JungWoo, who will find love while living and caring for Choco and Milk. The dog Choco and cat Milk were JungWoon’s only friends when he was bullied at school and now they have been reborn as boys.

Cast: Ko HoJungLee JaeBinKim SeongHyeokPark SeungBi

12. “Unintentional Love Story”

Summary: “Unintentional Love Story” is a romance that follows the journey of a relationship that starts with a lie, but eventually turns into true love. This story highlights how even though we might not intend to fall in love with someone, sometimes the most beautiful relationships start from the most unexpected places.

Cast: Cha SeoWon, B1A4’s GongChan

13. “Oh My Assistant”

Summary: It’s a love story between a webtoonist and his assistant. (TBA)

Cast: ex-FTISLAND’s Song SeungHyun, Ko ChanBin, Nam YunSeong

14. “Happy Merry Ending” (TBA)

Summary: SeungJun and JaeHyun are two friends who reconnect through music. The show revolves around their journey as they heal each other’s emotional wounds through the power of music.

Cast: TBA

15. “Roommates of Poongduck 304

Summary: Ji HoJoon is the 29-year-old youngest son of a wealthy family. One day, his father can’t stand it anymore and Ji HoJoon leaves the house with only his Ferrari. The landlord of the new place he is living in, JaeYoon, looks down on him. Then, they meet at the company as superior (Ji HoJoon) and employee (JaeYoon). What’s going to happen?

Cast: Kim JiWoong, Yoon SeoBin


“Love Is Like A Cat” (“사랑은 고양이처럼”) is a Thai-Korean BL with starring Mew Suppasit, JUST B GeonU, and JM.

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