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Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama

Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama THE DRAMA PARADISE

Unlike any other medicos type of kdrama Doctor stranger has a keen gravity of attraction in it towards its viewers consciousness to know what happens next .For me it was a treat to watch this drama as it emphasize the greed of 2 separated lovers to get together, the north-south korea type of enemy depicted is very well represented and the surgeries were like a pinch of salt to this drama as I watched this drama in my initial days of craze of kdrama. It has a terrific humor into its story.

As a child Park hoon and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. Their he was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a surgeon. He then flees to South korea. Hoon starts to work as a doctor in South korea ‘s top hospital ,but he feels like a complete outsider. To bring his love from North korea, he does anything to make money.

Main cast

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama

1. Lee Jong Suk (Park Hoon)

2. Jin Se Yeon (Song Jae Hee/Han Seung Hee)

3. Kang So Ra (Oh Soo Hyun)

4. Park Hae Jin (Han Jae Joon).


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama

As a young lad in South Korea,  Park Hoon (lee jong suk) and his world famous  heart  surgeon father were brought  to North korea to operate on their leader who needed heart surgery, North Koreans when came to know that patient might die brought our little Park hoon front of his father :”Save our leader or the kid dies.” Patient was saved but father and son were not allowed to return to South korea. Hoon has to been in North korea, learning to be a doctor like his father.

As a teenager Hoon meets jae hee song (Jin se yun) and they fall deeply in love. Hoon’s father is arrested before his eyes. Park hoon is determined to escape North korea with Jae hee, but certainly jae hee falls from a bridge and only hoon gets to South korea thinking  that he had lost Jae hee.

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He finds work in south korea, first  as a water boy delivering bottles to Myungwoo university hospital in Seoul, and then he saves someone he is discovered to be a medical doctor and is hired on staff. He gets word from a friend that Jae hee is still alive in a camp in North korea, and now he is intent on saving money to buy her way out of that hell.

Then a day he saw a women doctor anesthesiologists in hospital who looked similar like Jae hee, Hoon was convinced it is her even though she vehemently denies it. Before and while all this going on Hoon was developing tentative relationship with other doctor and staff at hospital including a quiet and contemplative surgeon named Jae joon han (Park hae jin) who has his own secrets from his childhood and the woman doctor he loves Oh soo hyun (Kang so ra).

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama

As much as she tries to love the quietly obsessive Jae joon han back, Soo Hyun finds herself more attractive to more energetic Hoon instead hoon keeps putting her off. Jae joon has plan of revenge against Soo hyun’s father (head of entire hospital) for past grievances related to his own fathers ruin.

Even though Jae joon wants to marry Soo hyun his conscience holds him at bay at some extent. Eventually things come to a head between Hoon and Jae hee, and the truth is uncovered only this puts them once again in the threat mode from North korea, its agents.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama

There are so many scenes that are incredibly touching, political and emotional and romantic, that you could cut it with a knife. History even repeats itself with the same set up that separated our lovers in beginning.

The show ends with Hoon and Jae hee holding each other close, they got finally happy, safe and most importantly together.

Release: 2014

Episodes:  20

Ratings: 8

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Doctor stranger || Kdrama