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Review: The Heirs – A Heartwarming K-drama

Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama THE DRAMA PARADISE


A heart whelming k-drama is a perfect drama to watch for every k-drama lovers /beginners who needs a pure teenage types romantic essence. The Heirs depicts the friendship, rivalry and live lives of young rich heirs led by Kim Tan (Lee Min ho) and girl named Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin hye). Unlike the others Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin hye) is considered ordinary  and is from poor background.

This is filled with all emotions they both from different  background  fall for each other and try hard to overcome all disasters and stay for each other’s in every hardships.

This drama is special to me as it shows every tiny emotion in a more practical way and gives a kind of peace to watch .Its more provoking to watch this to know how they overcome their struggles in all means (family, business,  friendships) and their by lead a normal and peaceful life ahead.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama

1. Lee Min ho (Kim Tan)

He is the main male lead actor, Kim tan is not a typical  high school  student but a handsome and wealthy Korean heir to a large conglomeration. He falls for a poor girl but he was already at his young age was engaged  to another wealthy heir!!

2. Park Shin hye (Cha Eun Sang)

She is the main female lead, 18 yr old Cha Eun sang live with her mute mother who works as a waitress  at kim tans residence. Even Chan Eun sang does few part time jobs to help out.

Co Actors

1. Kim Woo bin (Choi young do)

As childhood friend of kim tan.

2. Choi Jin hyuk(Kim Won)

As step brother of kim tan .

3. Kang Min hyuk (Yoon Cha Young)

As best friend of Cha Young Sang.

And many more are the supporting actors as friend’s (classmates) and family . The Heirs began its chapter on world television on October 9 , 2013 and has aired 20 episodes and has reached international fame.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama

One day Eun Sangs elder sister calls from US and informs that she will marry then her mother asks Eun Sang to send her sister  few money from her savings but she was not happy with her situation  and decides to go US herself  to see if she can start a better life with her sister.

When she arrives in California she learns that her her sister  isn’t getting married  or going  to school and works full time as a waitress. She visits the resturent  to meet her sister  but her sister  takes all money from her and leaves her alone. Eun Sanga dreams of starting a better life their vanishes and her tears loads out her eyes.

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Meanwhile, Kim Tan a step son of very huge company owner of South Korea lead a luxurious but lonely life their in America as per his fathers instruction. He watches the the fight between both sisters and follows her she was alone he offers her to stay at his home till the tickets are done for Korea.

One day she meets Rachel with whom Kim tan was engaged because  of their business. Eventually Eun Sang returns Korea. Kim tan now feels emptiness with her departure. He decides to go back to Korea, their in his mansion he saw Eun Sang and to confirm he asks his mother and learns that she is daughter of his maid and she stays in their home.

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His father one day calls Eun Sang and makes her admission in the preppy high school Jeguk High, owned by him, were all the heirs of rich family background  goes to learn. Meanwhile Kim Tans childhood friend now rival an heir to rich business man called Zeus, Young do Choi who goes to same school meets Eun Sang and fallen of her he starts following her to know about  her family background  and how did she got admission in that school.

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama

Now the triangle of love story starts between the 3 so when kim tan and Young do comes to that they love the same person there school fights, jealousies starts. But one day she clears Young do that she sincerely loves Kim Tan and is taken away by his love. Now Kim tan expose his true mother about  whom no one knew with this his father was very upset and he comes to know his love story with maids daughter, and so the engagement got cancelled by Rachel’s mother.

Tans father was too annoyed by his work and so he asks Eun Sang to leave the country to Kim tan or else he would the worse to them. She leaves the home and school without informing anyone. Kim tan then comes to know that it was done by his father and so he then searches her one day on his birthday  celebration introduces her to all in front of media.

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama

So now finally they both didn’t  had fear of anything and anyone and started going to school as usual. Their were many hardships which they have been through  at such a young age for their love so that they can be together for each other.


This drama had got best ratings that is 9.5.

Lee Min ho and Park Shin hye as won the best actor and excellent actress  award through this drama.

The story line is the best part of this drama. I suggest  everyone  to watch this drama guys its reall good.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama

It was good to watch that the characters moved to the positive redemption and the rich boy poor girl love story didn’t thread like a fairytale.

Being fair with its imperfections its has manages to tug my  emotions with love affirming romantic scenes.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: The Heirs - A Heartwarming K-drama