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little women

Kim Go-eun, a South Korean actress debuted in the film A Muse (2012) where she won several Best New Actress awards. She is known for her role in the television series Cheese in the Trap (2016), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Yumi’s Cells (2021) and Little Women (2022)


 | Review: K-drama Little Women

This story is about the three sisters living their lives to support each other. The eldest sisters are doing their jobs to support their youngest sister so she could live life comfortably as compared to themselves so that she didn’t need to suffer as they suffer during their childhood. Kim Go-eun works in a company where she is an outcast and has only one friend who used her name to store illegal funds.

One day her friend and colleague of her disappeared them she received an amount of money that could help her and her siblings to survive without any hard work. Oh In-kyung works as a reporter who wants to work on criminal or political cases but due to her emotional nature, she only got to do live weather forecasts and some normal local cases. Oh In-hye is the youngest sister who always studied hard and got a scholarship in painting.


Kim Go-eun as Oh In-ju

The eldest sister thinks money is the most important thing in life due to the childhood situations she faced.

Nam Ji-hyun as Oh In-kyung

She is the elder sister who is an enthusiastic reporter who wants to reveal the evil face of politicians.

Park Ji-hu as Oh In-hye

The youngest sister is a great painter and stat doing the part-time painting for the daughter of an influential politician.

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Kim Mi-sook as Oh Hye-seok

Great aunt of the three sisters who worked as a property dealer.

Park Ji-young as Ahn Hee-yeon

Mother of three sisters who steals money from her daughters so that she could live her life with her husband in a foreign country where he is living effortlessly. The stolen money was saved by her oldest and elder daughters for their younger daughter so that she could go for her educational trip to Paris.

Kang Hoon as Ha Jong-ho

Oh In-kyung childhood friend who has feelings for her. He does home farming and has a social media account where he posted videos of his farming.

Um Ki-joon as Park Jae-sang

A politician who wants to become mayor. He gets involved with the three sisters due to his dirty tricks.

Uhm Ji-won as Won Sang-ah

Wife of Park Jae-sang who is an art museum director but also secretly a member of the Orchid Society.

Jeon Chae-eun as Park Hyo-rin

Daughter of Park Jae-sang foe whom Oh In-hye draw the paintings.


 | Review: K-drama Little Women

This series story is slightly based on the novel of Louisa May Alcott by the same name, I couldn’t find any resemblance to the series because I’ve this novel and read it.

The novel is more like a love story and have slice of live. There is no politics and mother-daughter conflicts. Little women novel also adopted in movie by the same name.

Little Women had a captivating message, but what mattered most were the unexpected sensations it generated. It gave us what we thought we wanted in the end, but what we didn’t want or couldn’t conceive along the road will undoubtedly stay with us.

Little Women is now streaming on Netflix.

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 | Review: K-drama Little Women
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 | Review: K-drama Little Women