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Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers

love is for suckers

The series “Love is For Suckers” stars Lee Da-hee as Goo Yeo-reum and Choi Si-won as Park Jae-hoon in the series.

No. of Episodes: 16

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers
Love is For Suckers

Choi Si-won is a Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy group Super Junior. H is the special representative of the UNICEF regional ambassador for East Asia and the Pacific. A wax figure of Choi was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong.

Lee Da-hee is a South Korean model and actress. Initially, she was a model who appeared in the Super Elite Model Contest and become one of the finalists. Later on, she entered the entertainment industry. She is known for her breakout role in the courtroom drama I Can Hear Your Voice (2013) and also known for her role as Kang Sa-ra in The Beauty Inside (2018) and Cha Hyeon in Search: WWW (2019). She also hosted the Mnet boy group reality series Road to Kingdom.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers
Love is For Suckers

This series story revolves around 20-year-old best friends in their 30s. Goo Yeo-reum is an entertainment production director who is seeking love and her work to be the highest rated. She has dated a lot but never get love in real life. She once got engaged to her boyfriend but he left her as he got the opportunity to work overseas and asked her to leave her job. She is determined to produce a show which is life-changing for her but never got a chance to do that.

Park Jae-hoon is a plastic surgeon who lives upstairs in Goo Yeo-reum house. He was a neurosurgeon but due to his past, he left the hospital for once and all. He has feelings for Yeo-reum but could not express them because of her on-and-off relationships. He helped Yeo-reum to become part of a dating reality show as she was the production director of it and expresses his feelings to her openly and told her that he is pursuing her openly.

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers

Kang Chae-ri is also the production director of this series. She is the rival of Goo Yeo-reum who directed the shows which highly rated. They know each other since their college time as they were classmates but due to some misunderstandings, they become rivals.

Yeo-reum and Chae-ri, unfortunately, direct this dating show together which leads to many twists and turns and many unexpected happenings with the cast in the show. Chae-ri uses the information of cast members to enhance the rating of the show like there is an entrepreneur who used the investment money by lying to the investors.


Main Characters

  • Lee Da-hee as Goo Yeo-reum
  • Choi Si-won as Park Jae-hoon

Supporting Characters

  • Cho Soo-hyang as Kang Chae-ri
  • Lee Dae-hwi as Kim Sang-woo
  • Park Yeon-woo as John Jang
  • Lee Joo-yeon as Han Ji-yeon

Extended Characters

  • Im Ha-ryong as Goo Yong-sik
  • Yang Hee-kyung as Yoon Young-hee
  • Min Jin-woong as Park Dae-sik
  • Noh Sussanna as Oh Hye-jin
  • Song Jong-ho as Kim In-woo
  • Seo Joon as Kim Jun-ho
  • Lee Cheol-woo as Lee Hoon-hee
  • Kang Seo-joon as Hwang Jang-gun
  • Son Hwa-ryeong as Park Ji-wan
  • Kim Ji-soo as Jang Tae-mi
  • Moon Ye-won as Ahn So-yeon
  • Lee Yoo-jin as Geum Su-mi
  • Jang Seo-yeon as Park Hyeon-so
  • Lee Seok-joon as Ma Jin-guk
  • Ahn So-jin as Ga-rim
  • Joo Jae-hu as Hee-chang
  • Seo Ahn as Ri-eun

Guest Appearances

  • Gabee as herself
  • Kwon Yul as Baek Jun-yeol


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers

I found this series personally worth watching as the characters are compatible and have great chemistry. I must say if they won the Best Couple Award in 2022 then it could not be a surprise. This series depicts the slice of life, drama and friendship turn into love.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review of K-drama: Love is For Suckers