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Review: “Pinocchio” K-drama – A roller coaster experience


As the title goes “Pinocchio”, it’s a syndrome briefly understood as oppositional defiant disorder, here a person regularly gets hiccups when he/she tries to say something which is not the truth. And in this drama a person with this syndrome becomes a reporter.

A young boy Choi dal po (lee jong suk) whose life and family has been destroyed by a news reporter and media, gets adopted by a family in rural area after being lost at a sea. The daughter Choi in ha (park shin hye) of that family had Pinocchio syndrome. They both adults however manage to get into journalism. Dal po learns the fact that the reporter who was responsible for his family demise was In ha’s mother, he becomes very furious towards her mother.

In ha knowing this crumbles with tears in her eyes. However they manage to hold on to their truths and uncover all the mysteries. Meanwhile they try to express their love to each other and to their family (grandpa and In ha’s father).



Main leads

Supporting leads

  • Jin Kyung (song cha ok )
  • Kim young kwang (seo beom jo)
  • Lee yu bi (yoo yoo rae).



In the year 2000, Ki ha myung (lee jong suk) is leading a happy life with his parents and elder brother Ki jae myung, until his father, captain of the fire fighting squad, dies in a factory explosion during a rescue attempt, along with several of his men. When his body is not found, the media and especially the cold hearted reporter Cha ok sang (ji kyung) sensationalize the case by lying about him for ratings, claiming that he abandoned his post and ran away ,leaving his men to die. She alleged that his father is currently in hiding.

This causes the Ki family to become outcasts in their neighborhood and objects of national scorn. His mother kills herself by jumping off a cliff taking ki ha myung (lee jong suk) with her, his elder brother blamed their deaths on media, particularly Cha ok. However, Ha myung survived into the water, unknown to his brother by an elderly man Gong pil (byun hee bong)  who lives on Hyangri Island.


This man believes that Ha myung is his older son Chi dal po, who had died 30 years earlier at sea, so he renames Ha myung to Choi dal po and calls him his son, Ha myung also treats him as his father. 5 months later ,when Gong pil’s younger son moves to the island with his daughter Choi in ha (park shin hye), they are shocked to be told that this new boy as their older brother and uncle . In ha has Pinocchio syndrome which causes her to hiccup whenever she tells a lie.

In ha’s mother just happens to be the corrupt reporter Cha ok sang and she abandoned her daughter after a divorce. When dal po learns that her mother is the corrupt news reporter who destroyed his family, he spurns her instead and she has no idea why. Five yrs later as  teenagers now Dal po and In ha secretly like each other but cover up and deny their secret for a long time.


Meanwhile, despite knowing that her Pinocchio syndrome limits her career choices, In ha decides to become a journalist, and Dal po agrees, they both end up being hired at two different stations, and the station where  In ha works is her estranged mother works.

Cha Ok barely acknowledges her own daughter. So now In ha and dal po are essential competitors. Dal po entered journalism to discover the reason why his family was destroyed and to get even professionally with Cha ok . He also wants to find his older brother, and clear his fathers name. Meanwhile Jae myung (dal po’s elder brother) ,who was working a menial job at a water delivery service, has taken revenge on the factory workers who lied about his fathers death. By a stroke of coincidence Dal po meets up with him.


After In ha discovers Dal po’s real identity and hears his family story they both move to try and get justice for his family, even if it means Cha ok has to pay a price. Eventually Dal po convinces  Jae Myung to give himself up, but not until jae finagles an interview with Cha ok the television news and confronts her about her lies .

Through all this Dal po and In ha confess their feelings for one another, much to the initial dismay of their fathers, they will finally get permission to wed .

As they grow up they realize that as being a reporter it’s their job to protect the truth and be truthful to the media.

Episodes: 20

Ratings: 9



Pinocchio is a 2014 released drama which has many marvelous scenes. I personally had enjoyed this drama and surely suggest everyone  to watch it, and if you are a Lee Jong Suk or Park shin’s fan that this drama is a must to be watched.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: "Pinocchio" K-drama - A roller coaster experience
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: "Pinocchio" K-drama - A roller coaster experience