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5 Medical K-drama to Add in Your Watchlist

Medical K-drama


K-dramas appear in all genres that have fans attraction through comedy, romance, suspense and even in medical k-drama. Medical dramas cover a broad range of genres with in their given storylines. They too have romance, comedy etc.

Theirs a certain gasping and holding our breathing thrill which covers scenes of life or death situations that takes place in ER or in hospitals. These south Korean medical dramas are beloved by international fans as well.

I personally embrace the medical k drama more as it has everything a drama should have like the cast ,the scenes, the suspense, the storyline and everything we want to watch in a drama but we fetch them through different dramas .

1. Dr. Romantic

(Season -1)

The romantic in the title refers to our protagonist Dr.Kim/Master/Teacher Kim’s (Han seok kyu) romantic ideals, while the doctor  and teacher are both titles he goes by. Romantic doctor is gripping medical drama.

Dong joo (Yoo yeon seok) is the country’s highest scorer in the medical licensure exam.Because of why he wants to become a doctor, he ends up getting reassigned to a small but terrific Doldam hospital alongside his co worker crush,Seo jung(seo hyun jin).

The two of them work on the hardest cases together while learning from the country’s best surgeon. Though Dr. kim the most experienced surgeon in South korea, his ways while on the table are against everything Dong joo and Seo Jung spent years on in medical school.

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As all the mysteries of most experienced and talented surgeon Dr. Kim’s uncovers itself , Dong joo and Seo jung cells more respectful towards Dr. kim.

Main cast:

  • Han Seok Kyu (Tr. Kim /
  •  Yoo Yeon Seok (Kang Dong Joo)
  • Seo Hyun Jin (Yoon Seo Jung)

Episodes: 21

Ratings: 9.5

Season 2:

Dr kim (Han seok kyu) one day, he disappeared from the eyes of the public, quietly becoming the chief surgeon at Doldam hospital. After he conducted a successful operation on Chairman Shin, he gets to improve the hospital under reliable support, But then Chairman passes away, and an old foe return.

New people appear and his old students had to leave the hospital. Furthermore, his wrist which was injured 3yrs ago starts to act weird. Dr.Kim decides to go to huge hospital to solve the manpower shortage in Doldam, where he finds 2 people who resemble his former students but who seem much more lacking.

See woo jin (ahn hyo seok) would do anything for money ,and Cha eun Jae(lee sung kyung) gets nauseous every time she tries to perform surgery.

Episodes: 16

Newly added leads:

  • Ahn Hyo Seok(see woo jin )
  • Lee Sung Kyung(cha eun jae)

2. Doctor Stranger

At his childhood Park hoon (lee jong suk) and his father were kidnapped North korea, here hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a famous heart surgeon. In his teenage he feel in love with Han seung hee (Jin se yun).

After few circumstances Hoon defects to South korea and joins as a doctor in famous hospital Dongwoo University. It took him time to adjust in a strange area there. One day he saw a similar woman like Han seung hee in his hospital who joined as a anesthesiologists named Song jae hee (jin se yun), after few days of research hoon discovers that they both were one and he finally meets his love.

She was made to hide her identity by North Korean men who kidnapped hoon in past. This creates more problems for them again to stay together.

Episodes: 20

Main leads:

  • Lee jong suk (Park hoon)
  • Jin se yun (song jae hee/han seung hee)

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3. Dr. John

It is based on Japanese novel on hand of God by Yo Kusakabe.”Doctor John” will portray the doctor’s search for the cause of their patient’s mysterious pain as a thrilling chase. Cha yo han (ji sung) is a genius anesthesiologist, who is also the youngest professor at the medical school.

The brilliant doctor goes by the nickname 10 seconds ,a reference to his ability to diagnose the patient in 10 sec. Kang si young (lee se young) is also a legendary anesthesiologist ,who was always too in class at her medical school. One day she suddenly leaves the school, after one yr later she goes to penitential to serve as temporary medical doctor their she meets a prisoner who was former doctor (cha yo han).

After meeting him her life totally changes, the day she comes back to hospital she again meets the prisoner ,and this time he is a professor. Later she comes to his story of why he was in prison.

Episodes: 16

Main leads:

  • Ji sung (cha yo han )
  • Lee se young (kang si young)

Ratings: 9.5

4. Emergency Couple

While in their early twenties, a medical school Oh chang min(choi jin hyuk) and a dentition Oh jin hee (song ji hyo) fell in love and marry despite of his family opposition. He was from a family of doctors and she was a poor girl Chang min’s family cuts him off financially after marriage.

In order to earn money he gives up his dream of doctor and becomes a pharmaceutical salesman. He is miserable at his job now .Eventually they both starts fighting and it becomes intense. They both got divorced. Six yrs later Chang min joins a medical school to pursue his dream meanwhile jin hee has also put herself in medical school.

They both get to meet again in that school and their fights turn to be the of their love now, and they end up as intern in that same hospital were they work in emergency room together.

Episodes: 21

Main leads:

  • Choi jin hyuk(oh chang min)
  • Song ji hyo(oh jin hee)

Ratings: 9

5. Doctor Prisoner

Doctor prisoner centers around an ace doctor in an university hospital’s emergency care centre, a skilled professionals who treats his patients with full of devotion and without discrimination. However his medical license gets suspended as a result of medical mal practice incident that arises when the hospital board director causes ruckus.

He then gets his certificate as a medical  internist and applies to work at a prison, where his plan is to cozy up all big shots there business tycoons, celebrities caught for doing drugs, sports stars guilty of gambling to win allies, with the ultimate goal of getting revenge against the hospital that ousted him.

To do so he’ll get rid of the existing prison chief doctor and claim the spot for himself.

Episodes: 32

Main leads:

  • Choi won young (lee jae joon)
  • Kwoon nara (han so jeun)
  • Nam koong min (na yi je)

Ratings: 7.6

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Medical K-drama to Add in Your Watchlist
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