Till the End of the Moon: A Historical Drama With the Turmoil of Time

Till the End of the Moon: A Historical Drama With the Turmoil of Time
Review: Till the End of the Moon


Chinese dramas have garnered immense popularity both domestically and globally for their engaging storylines and talented performances. Among them, “Till the End of the Moon” stands out as a remarkable series that captivates audiences with its unique concept, well-developed plot, and a stellar cast. This review article aims to explore the exceptional aspects of the drama series, which has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Luo Yunxi is a born dancer and his father is also a dancer. He learned ballet and has professional training in it. He starts acting through the theatre stage dance performances. He made his debut as a singer in 2010 through a boy group band which later disbanded in 2012. The works in a duo singer unit alongside Fu Longfei. Luo Yunxi debuted his acting career through a film The Spring of My Life in 2012.

Bai Mengyan isknown by her stage name known as Bai Lu. She debut as a model in 2015 and also shoot a short film Meeting You Is Such A Good Thing as an actress for a magazine.


To save the world from the devil God, heavenly Gods decided to sacrifice someone in order to go into the past to destroy the evil bone of the devil God so that the resurrection of the demon God will not be possible. Devil God, Tentai Jin overpowered the heavenly sects and Li Susu, a member of the heavenly sect sacrifice herself to go back in time and destroy the evil bone.

In the past life about 500 years ago, where demon God Cang Jiumin wasn’t an evil person but a married man who was kept in the bride’s, Ye Xiwu kingdom. She initially analyses the identity of herself and the situation she’s in with the demon God. In the series of events, they become closer and started to love each other but she had to sacrifice herself to save the devil God Cang Jiumin. In the moment of grief of losing his love, Li Susu, Tintai Jin looked for her and struggles in every possible way to find her back.

Main Characters

 | Till the End of the Moon: A Historical Drama With the Turmoil of Time

Luo Yunxi acts as

  • Tantai Jin – Orignal Devil God
  • Cang Jiumin – Past life Character
  • Mingye – Character in a dream

Bai Lu acts as

  • Li Susu – Heaven sect member
  • Ye Xiwu – Past life Character
  • Sangjiu – Character in a dream

All these characters as they played you found in the series are wholesome. Once they are enemies, other times they are husband and wife and in a dream they are lovers.


Initially, the whole story seems to be much more interesting. But later on, as the time changes the whole plot tangled a bit which leads to some confusion to an extent. The confusion still keeps on increasing as the series goes on. So, I can say that it could be hard for you to understand it in one time watch but yeah I must say if you can watch it again then it could be wholesome series to watch with no confusion but with a clear understanding. It’s the first time that I felt to watch a series again and that was only possible because this series is damn interesting and worth a second watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Till The End of The Moon a happy ending?

“Till The End Of The Moon” concludes with an open ending that hints at a positive outcome. Following Tantai Jin’s self-sacrifice to vanquish the malevolent Devil God and halt his path of destruction, harmony is restored to the three realms. Fast forward 500 years, and a scene reveals Su Su alongside her daughter, the offspring of her union with Tantai Jin.

How many episodes released in Till The End of The Moon?

Till the End of the Moon has total of 40 episodes.

Will there be season 2 of Till The End of The Moon?

Currently, the influx of positive reviews is growing. The show’s characters are largely expected to make a return, with the possibility of introducing additional new characters. However, it’s anticipated that there won’t be any alterations to the main cast.

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 | Till the End of the Moon: A Historical Drama With the Turmoil of Time
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