The 10 Best Supernatural Korean Dramas and Movies of all Time

As a kdrama lover, I love to explore new genres of korean movies and korean dramas. So such an adventurous and mysterious type of genre was-: supernatural korean dramas.

Supernatural Korean dramas include fiction and horror which can be romantic but at the same time emotional and terrifying also.

So today I am gonna tell you about 10 such Korean dramas and movies which belong to this genre.

1. GOBLIN (2016)

This is one of the best dramas in the Korean drama industry. It depicts the story of a goblin, Kim Shin, and a high schooler, Ji Eun Takk. Kim Shim saves Ji Eun Tak and her mother, unaware that Ji Eun Tak will become her bride, freeing him from a cursed sword stuck in his chest.

However, death and love play an important role in this whole drama. This drama also hits the top 10 world-famous Korean dramas. It contains a wide range of emotions, including friendship, bromance, romance, and comedy. I would like to give this drama a 10 out of 10.

Ratings- [8.9/10]

Number of episodes- 16

Available- MX player, Netflix

Starring- Gong yoo, Kim Go Eun

2. SWEET HOME (2020)

Honestly, this is one of the most terrifying korean drama , I’ve ever seen… Now if we talk about it’s plot , in this drama we will get to know about a boy who is very depressed after his family dies in an accident.

While he decides to end his life by committing a suicide, a dangerous virus spreads out which makes infected ones monsters. In this drama , you will come across the stories of other residents living in building who gathers for their survival. Talking about animation, it is as realistic as it could be ….

Ratings- [8.7/10]

Number of episodes- 10

Available- netflix

Starring – Song kang, Lee do hyun

3. ALL OF US ARE DEAD (2022)

This is a high school Korean drama that depicts a situation of a virus outbreak that makes everybody a  zombie.

High schoolers fight against their classmates turned zombies for their survival which shows a lot of melodrama. In this drama, we get to see multiple emotions like -:

Teenage romance, rivalry among classmates , comedy and most importantly the feeling of being terrified from half death because once you become a zombie, you are neither alive nor dead

Ratings- [8.4/10]

Number of episodes-12

Available- netflix

Starring – Park ji hu , Yoon chan-young

4. #ALIVE (2020)

This is an apocalyptic movie which tells us the story of a young boy trapped inside his house while a zombie virus spreads.

He becomes depressed by seeing and experiencing such a situation that he had never experienced and heard before.

When he runs out of food and water he decides to commit suicide but a neighborhood girl saves him. Both fight against zombies for their survival until help arrives.

Ratings- [7/10]

Duration- 1 hr 40 mins

Available – netflix

Starring- Yoo oh in , Park shin hye

5. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016)

It is a 2016 korean movie depicting the story of Seok woo and his daughter who were travelling in a train to busan to meet the mother latter with whom he got divorced long ago and the zombie virus spread.

Seok Woo is a fund manager and an arrogant person who is a  selfish man and at the time of apocalypse he only thinks of him and his daughter but later on for the sake of humanity he helps other people also.

This movie is known for witnessing a special bond between father and daughter.

Ratings- [8/10]

Duration- 2 hrs

Available- amazon prime

Starring – Gong yoo

6. HELLBOUND (2021)

Again it is a horrifying one……Frankly speaking, it has a new concept. So the plot is like actors in this series get punished for their sins they have done in the past.

Also this drama shows us what society will look like if we get under the control of religious communities that have violent and suppressing methods to rule and some mishappenings take place- demons from hell beat sin committers until they die.

According to me, it is the most brutal form of death

Ratings- [7.5/10]

Number of episodes- 6

Available- netflix

Starring- Yoo Ah-in; Kim Hyun-joo

7. PENINSULA (2020)

This movie depicts an after apocalypse situation where cities are full of zombies and survival is almost impossible.

For the sake of money 4 people from foreign land decide to work for a gang who asked them to bring millions of dollars from the peninsulaof South Korea.

They took the task easily and went there risking their life but two of them turn into zombies and their mission gets complete after a lot of hard work but they get betrayed in the end……….

Don’t worry guys!! Team members and apocalypse are rescued in the end..

Ratings- [6/10]

Duration- 2 hrs

Available- Zee5 and Netflix

Starring- Gang dong won, Lee jung hyun

8. HOTEL DEL LUNA (2019)

This drama redefines a romantic – comedy horror drama .

Hotel Del Luna is not an ordinary hotel which makes its guests stay, it is a special hotel in which guests are ghosts.

The manager of this hotel is a huge sin committer more than a millennium ago so her soul is bound to serve that place. She makes a deal with an ordinary human being that in exchange of his life, his son will serve for 20 years

Ratings- [9.6/10]

Number of episodes- 16

Available – Netflix

Starring – IU, Yeo Jin Goo

9. HAPPINESS (2021)

It is an apocalyptic thriller series in which an infectious virus becomes the new epidemic and due to which people become zombies.

In this drama we will have a love story between beautiful lead couples who were schoolmates turned soulmates.

Just like other apocalyptic dramas their will be rage, fight and greed for survival but the female lead is a strong independent army officer who is very daring and saves lives

Ratings – [9/10]

Number of episodes- 12

Available – Netflix

Starring – Park hyun sik, Han Hyo joo


The male lead- Lee yeon is living as a nine tailed fox because in previous life , he sacrificed his life as a mountain god to save his lover’s life.

On the other hand, Nam Ji Aa (female lead) is a professional PD of documentaries . She broadcasts stories related to supernatural happenings and creatures. When Lee yeon meets Ji Aa he seduces her because he was craving for human flesh

Ratings – [8/10]

Number of episodes- 16

Available – Netflix, YouTube

Starring- Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah

In the end, I’d like to say that I am not an expert but these supernatural korean movies and dramas are literally a little.

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