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Stays Buckle Up For The Next Stray Kids Release, Maxident

Stray Kids

Fourth-generation Korean boy band stray kids are dropping their next mini album Maxident on October 7th, 1 PM KST and here’s all you need to know about it.

The Album

Stray Kids

Maxident is the 7th Korean mini-album released by Stray kids. The trailer for the album was dropped on September 5 and the unveil videos of the tracks were released in the following days. It is available in three versions, GO, T-Crush and Heart. The album has crossed 2.24 million pre-orders making them the third highest pre-order selling group in k pop history and the first JYP artist to reach this mark.

As usual, the album seems to have a very unique concept from the trailer and the teasers of the title track, Case 143. The album title Maxident is a wordplay with the words maximum and accident which sets a very exciting background for the album. They have dropped two teasers for Case 143 and the track already sounds very promising.

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The mini album consists of 8 tracks including the title track, three main tracks, 3 unit tracks and the Korean version of their recent Japanese single Circus. Here’s a list of all the tracks:

  • Case 143
  • Chill
  • Give me your TMI
  • Super board
  • Can’t stop (IN and Seungmin- VOCAL RACHA)
  • 3RACHA (3RACHA- Bang Chan, Changbin and Han)
  • Taste (DANCE RACHA- Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix)

Platforms To Stream

It will be available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music and many other streaming platforms. The MV(music video) of the title track Case 143 will be released in the official YouTube channel of JYP entertainment on October 7th,1 PM, KST.

About Stray Kids

Stray Kids also called SKZ is a fourth generation k pop group under the banner of JYP entertainment. The band, formed through a 2017 reality show of the same name, currently consists of 8 members,Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and IN.

Stray Kids

They are known for their versatile concepts and self-produced songs by their production unit 3RACHA consisting of their leader Bang Chan, Changbin and Han. Stray kids have a wide fan base around the world and their fandom is called Stay.

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