Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)

Theory Of Love
Theory Of Love

Overview and Plot of the drama:

The story of Theory of Love is indeed a theory like any other math equation. The story revolves around a group of 4 people: Third, Two, Bone and Khai. All these 4 handsome men were majoring in film and were named as the “Savage Team”. Moving on to their personal lives, Third is secretly in an unrequited love with Khai. Khai being a playboy and a person who breaks many hearts considered Third to be his best friend no matter what. He always says “His body is for the girls but his heart is always for Third.” In love with Khai for 3 years, supporting and loving him quietly was what Third kept doing.

During times when he used to see Khai being in relationship with girls, avoiding Third and bailing on him Third used to break down into tears every time it happened. Now during one such breakdown, the secret he had kept to himself from 3 years was seen by Two. Two being the supportive friend encouraged Third to try confessing to Khai.

 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)
Theory Of Love

The main problem that fueled the situation was, Khai had the rule of “Not dating friends”. So, confessing to Khai created problems. Third understood that Khai sees Third only as a friend and nobody else. After trying to confess silently using boards, Khai misunderstood Third and thanked Third for giving him idea so that Khai could get back with his ex-girlfriend.

Even though whatever Third could do, trying to see Khai as a friend was impossible. Third found it very difficult to control his feelings to Khai as well as control himself from breaking down to tears. And when Third got to know that Khai made a bet with Bone that he was going to test Third if he had feelings for Khai, he felt betrayed to be tested and his feelings used liked this.

 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)
Theory Of Love

As and when Third joins a committee for a film production, Khai understood he misses Third. He understood that Third was there whenever Khai needed him. But now it was as if his life was incomplete. It was only when Khai had borrowed Third’s laptop and saw the video private on Third’s account, he got to know Third was hurting so much and was in love with Khai badly.

Right when Third decides to stop loving Khai, Khai begins his ways to pursue Third.

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Main Cast

 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)
Theory Of Love

AtthaphanPhunsawat as Third

JumpolAdulkittiporn as Khai

Other Supporting cast

Along with the story of Third and Khai, both Two and Bone’s stories are shown.

Nawat Phumphothingam as Two

ChinnaratSiriphongchawalit as Bone

How Bone falls in love with his professor but ends up knowing she has a fiancé, and Two who had a crush from high school on Lynn but then finds that he loves and cares for Aun.


It has got a 8.1/10 rating on IMDb and was produced by GMMTV which aired in 2019.It has the most amazing plot of unrequited love turning to love.

Ending Notes

 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)
Theory Of Love

Now if you ask me how I loved this drama, honestly speaking watching Theory of Love made me feel Love. At a point I could feel what each character was feeling and feel the heart throb at times. Parts where Third ends up heartbroken, we would also cry. This drama in conclusion stole my heart before I could even process what was happening T-T

I strongly recommend everyone to watch this! This Offgun pair’s drama is not to miss! Also have tissues ready (Yes, it’s a warning, you will cry ?)

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 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)
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 | Review: Theory Of Love (Thai BL Drama)