An Honest Review: GO GO SQUID C-Drama

This review is about one of my favourite drama and most watched by myself “Go Go Squid”. It’s an e-sport romance comedy. I must say the execution of the story is great by all the characters. No abrupt plot confuses you as it shows the link between the past and present. It’s an adaptation of Mo BaoFeiBao’s novel “Honey Stewed Squid.” GO GO SQUID was the best domestic Chinese TV series in 2019. There’s also a sequel starring Hu Yitian and Li Yitong.



The story revolves around Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. In past, Han Shangyan was an e-sport player but had to quit due to their inner conflicts. After that, he formed his e-sport team. Tong Nianwas working part-time in her family café where she met Han Shangyan for the first time and fell in love with him at first sight. He’s the kind of person who can’t communicate well with others but with her help, he overcomes this and got support from his family. He wants to win the championship for China and she helps him complete his dream. Furthermore, we got to know that both of their family are old friends.

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Main Characters

Tong Nian (little squid) Performed by Yang Zi

Tong Nian is a brilliant computer science major and also a popular singer online. She is cheerful and cute and also very obedient and sensible. She has the same IQ as high as the male lead Han Shangyan. When she falls in love with Han Shangyan at first sight, she initiates a relationship with him. She pursues her dream of developing AI-based software, as well as face recognition programs for the police and medical programs for hospitals.

Han Shangyan (Gun) Performed by Li Xian

Han Shangyan is a high-level e-sports idol. He has won more than ten international championships, including multiple personal world rankings, the most dominant player with two MVPs. After quitting the team, he established the K & K club. His dream is to take the club’s young players to win the world champion of cybersecurity CTF competition. Han Shangyan grew up with his grandfather and stepmother, who loved him. As an ice prince, he is very good at many things. His “don’t care” about anything other than work attitude He has fascinated a lot of girls, but he has not been interested in dating.

Supporting Characters

Wu Bai/DT role played by Hu Yitian

He is Han’s cousin. He is the top CTF player known as DT and the leader of the K&K team. Wu Bai is very quietand likes to be alone. He is the number one player in China, and also a computer genius.

Grandpa Han’s role played by Paul Chun

He is Han and Wu Bai’s grandfather. He quarrels with Han occasionally as he cares about him a lot.


  • “The Unknown Generation” 
  • “Couldn’t Leave”
  •  “Milk Bread” 
  • “Happiness Walking Together”

These are the most expressible songs in the series.


GO GO SQUID expresses real emotions and conveys positive youth. There is no second main lead syndrome and action and all. It’s a simple, sweet, and comedy romantic story which hooked you badly.

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