Top 10 Best Korean Movies Of 2018 Worth Watching Now

Every year, different kinds of Korean movies come out. Some of them get good feedback and high ratings from the audience, while others get bad feedback and low ratings.

The South Korean film industry is already well-known because of the Parasite movie, which won an Oscar. But wait, you can still watch more good movies. Whether it’s a comedy, a mystery, an action movie, or a love story, they’re the best.

2018 was one of the best years for Korean movies and dramas. Read on to find out which movies we think you should see.

1. Be With You

After his wife Soo-A (Son Ye-Jin) dies, Woo-Jin (So Ji-Sub) takes care of his son Ji-Ho (Kim Ji-Hwan) by himself. Before she died, she said she would come back one year later on a rainy day.

Soo-A shows up again after a year but doesn’t remember anything.

2. Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

Three grim reapers will lead their 49th soul through the trials of the underworld. But, in the meantime, God of House will find the memories of the grim reapers from 1000 years ago.

They find each other by travelling between this world, the next world, and the past.

3. The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion

Ja Yoon ran away from a government facility when she was young but forgot everything. So when she enters a national TV contest 10 years later to win money for her family, she sees people from her past.

This turns her life upside down. Part 2 is coming back too.

4. Little Forest

The story of a young woman named Hye Won who leaves her complicated life in the city and returns to the Korean village where she grew up.

Her friends, nature, and food help her heal her emotional wounds.

5. The Negotiation

Chae Yoon works as a crisis negotiator. She has a calm and level-headed way of acting.

However, a person who smuggles weapons for an international crime organisation sets up a scary hostage situation, and she only has 12 hours to save the people being held.

6. On Your Wedding Day

In high school, Woo Yeon falls in love with his best friend, Seung Hee. But after a while, she and her family leave town, which breaks his heart.

Finally, after 10 years, he gets invited to Seung Hee’s wedding.

7. Burning

While delivering, Jong Su runs into Hae Mi, who used to live in the same neighbourhood. She asks him to take care of her cat while she is gone.

When she returned, she told Ben about a guy she met on her trip. So Ben visits Jong Su one day and tells him about his secret hobby.

8. Miss Baek

Miss Baek’s past as a convict follows her everywhere, and because of this, she doesn’t open up to other people.

Finally, she meets a girl and decides to save her from the bad things in the world. A man who has feelings for her tries to protect her in his own way.

9. The Great Battle

In 645 AD, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty marches into Ansi. General Yang, the lord of the fortress, protects the emperor.

Even though his country has left him and he is outnumbered by thousands, he gathers his people and goes alone to fight the Tang army.

10. Door Lock

Kyung Min lives alone in a small studio apartment. One day, she finds her door lock cover has been left open.

Through this, she finds evidence that a stranger broke into her room, and a mysterious murder case soon begins to make sense.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best Korean movies of 2018 that you should watch to make your day more exciting and fun. Check out this website if you want to find more good movies.

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