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Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

Welcome to The Drama Paradise’s “Best BL Kissing Scenes.”

Whether you’re looking for heat or kisses that matter, you’ll find both here. But, of course, some viewers like kissing scenes with a lot of passion, while others want scenes with a lot of emotion. Still, some people like both. So let’s dive into it.

1. Kiyoi and Hira – My Beautiful Man

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

The BL, “My Beautiful Man”, is a beautiful story about two men who shut themselves off from the world in very different ways but later break down the walls around each other’s hearts.

People have very different opinions about this drama, but I was very interested in how complicated their relationship was, including the kiss. Even though Kiyoi is more outgoing and dominant, his need to be touched, held, and loved is an exciting change in how they relate to each other. Kiyoi is more in charge in public, but when he is alone with Hira, he is much calmer. I thought this made their passionate kiss even more personal and memorable.

2. Pat and Pran – Bad Buddy

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

The Thai BL has done a lot to change the way people think about them. But it also shows a beautiful romance between two people who used to be enemies. Given how much their families hate each other and how many problems they have to face, the first kiss these two shares shows how desperate and needy they both are.

When a kiss can tell just as much about a character as the dialogue, that says much about the actor. Nanon and Ohm show they have the skills to pull it off, and the scene where they kiss on the roof in Bad Buddy makes fireworks go off.

3. Shu Yi and Shi De – We Best Love Series

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

The We Best Love series told a story about a man’s unrequited love. It had a lot of emotional scenes that tugged at my heart and even broke it a little. However, even though the kiss scenes between the two male leads are powerfully beautiful, the bridge kiss and the drunken kiss stand out.

In the first part of the WBL series, No. 1, For You, the bridge kiss was a beautiful way to show first love and acceptance. In Fighting Mr. 2nd (Part 2), the drunken kiss was a desperate moment full of regrets Shi De needed to let go of, and the fight was something Shu Yi wanted to forget. Each kiss is intense in its own way.

4. Ji Woo and Seo Joon – To My Star

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

The BL in Korea To My Star will always be remembered as the Korean BL web drama with the first real kiss scene. Even though I know that other, less well-known Korean BLs, like 2017’s “Long Time No See,” also had passionate moments, “To My Star” was the first mainstream web drama to do something like that. Still, it did it tastefully.

I love Korean BLs because they are more interested in the story than getting close physically. This focus on the story; the kisses are much stronger when they happen. The same is true of To My Star. After going on an emotional journey with our two main characters as they learn to trust each other, the kiss they shared at the end sealed that journey with beautiful promises of more to come.

5. Nagisa and Shun- HIS, the movie

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

Japanese BLs have a special place in my heart, and Shun and Nagisa are both great examples of why. They were first introduced as teens in a mini-drama with the same name.

As adults, they come back in a powerful movie about the problems when a gay couple tries to get custody of a child. How Shun helps Nagisa and how much they both care about Nagisa’s daughter made me cry. In the movie, the kiss they share has all the fear, desperation, and love that make this story memorable.

6. Tharn & Type, TharnType The Series

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

This was the best kiss in this series. It was just a kiss on the forehead, but it said a lot about how Tharn felt. I cried as I watched Type explain his position and accept his love for Tharn in this scene. Mew and Gulf gave this scene a lot of feeling and made it great.

I thought it was one of the best ways to kiss. All of Tharn and Type’s kissing scenes are beautiful, sweet, and intense simultaneously. Tharn and Type are so in love with each other that their kissing scenes are fascinating to watch.

7. Dean and Pharm, Until We Meet Again

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

This was one of the most-awaited kisses in the history of the BL world. As soon as Dean (Korn) and Pharm (Intouch) kissed for the first time, screams could be heard worldwide. It was subtle and had a lot of meaning.

Dean and Pharm finally gave in to how they felt; the result was amazing. They let their feelings decide what would happen. This kiss was sweet and sensual. This scene was a real treat to watch because of Fluke and Ohm.

8. Bunn and Tan, Manner of Death

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

When it comes to kissing scenes, Max and Tul are my favourites. Manner of Death was a great drama. Max and Tul have unbeatable chemistry; every time they kissed, it was sensual and passionate.

Manner of Death was so different, but Max and Tul, who play Dr Bunn and Tan, always give off the same familiar vibes. MaxTul’s energy was amazing from their first kiss to their last scene together, and I enjoyed all the kissing scenes in this drama.

9. Tae Kyung and Shin Woo, Light On Me

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo kissed for the first time, which was adorable. Both are shy and unsure because they are just getting to know each other. However, when they kiss on screen, the look on their faces tells you everything you need to know.

Even though I liked this drama, this kiss was sweet, touching, and fun to watch. Both Tae Kyung and Shin Woo looked adorable and cute without being a cliche.

10. Khai and Third, Theory of Love

Top 10 Favorite BL Kissing Scenes Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

I love Off and Gun so much. Theory of Love was always a roller coaster of emotions. However, this scene made up for the heartache this couple caused me. This kiss said a lot to me because it showed Third how much Khai cares about him. For these two, their love explodes on the screen.

Both on and off-screen, it’s so fun to see how well they get along. After Third left, Khai was so happy because he had finally told Third how he really felt. Likewise, the third was delighted because his love for him had finally been returned.


I love so many kiss scenes that I could write a whole book about them. Most of them are important because they reveal hidden meanings and feelings, which is why these are some of my favourites. A kiss can tell you much about the person you love and what they didn’t say.

We’ll be back with the second part of this feature next week. So, until then, stay tuned to this space for more news from the Asian BL World.

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