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Top 10 Best Live Rappers In K-Pop

K-Pop groups and artists usually consist of several members who take on specific positions like rappers, dancers and vocalists. There are many other positions one may encounter, such as songwriters and producers, visuals and so on – but to keep things simple, we’ll stick to our three most significant categories, which make up the hearts and souls of any K-Pop group or artist!

Each position is just as vital and essential in a K-Pop group as the rest. The rappers, dancers, singers and visual members work together in perfect harmony to put on a good show for their fans. But it’s not only in the recording booth where you’ll find live rap in K-Pop either – here we take a look at 10 of the best idols who can tear up the stage when it comes to rapping live.

1. CL

CL is known as the undisputed queen of K-Pop, and there’s a reason why: she’s almost always on point and not afraid to challenge herself. Her live rapping skills alone are simply unbelievable.

Her live rapping skills are considered legendary, and not one song is the same as she changes up her tricks and adds new moves to match what she’s rapping about.

2.  BTS’ RM

The BTS rappers all have excellent stage presence and mic skills. However, our Rapper-In-Chief really shines on stage. His electrifying aura of a rapper/leader/icon is why BTS concerts are legendary!

Ours truly, RM actually has a charisma that shines even brighter when he is on stage. His achievements skyrocketed ever since he started becoming an active part of BTS performances.

3. ASTRO’s Rocky

Rocky’s diction and tone are always on point. However, this guy’s passion is really something for many of us to learn from because he’s focused on what he does best most of all – which is making high-quality music! He’s a born performer!

4. ATEEZ’s HongJoong

ATEEZ is undoubtedly one of the leading boy groups of the 4th generation. So you naturally can’t help but admire a superstar rapper like ATEEZ’s HongJoong, who also manages to go easy on the eyes.

5. CLC’s YeEun

Besides being a talented rapper, YeEun is also a great live performer. What’s unique about her is that she never performs the same way twice, even in the same show.

As it keeps getting better with every performance, the best part is you’ll never get bored at a YeEun concert because she has a way of stimulating every audience, something only a true artist can do!

6. (G)I-DLE’s SoYeon

SoYeon is pretty much a queen bee. Having worked on many stage shows over the years, she’s learned the best way to engage with her audience via live performances.

7. MAMAMOO’s MoonByul

MoonByul is a rockstar, and she knows it. Her voice changes depending on her mood; instead, her audience knows how to tell precisely what kind of mood she’s in simply by listening to how she sings.

8. Weki Meki’s YooJung

Weki Meki’s YooJung might not be one of the most famous rappers in K-pop, but she’s certainly an artist worth listening to if you ever get the chance. One look at her lyrics, and you’ll realise that she definitely doesn’t lack any self-confidence!

If you want an example, just listen to her track titled “I Don’t Need a Man” and see for yourself how skilled this Seoul-born artist is at rapping!

9. iKON’s Bobby

Bobby has the abilities of a true performer. It is no secret that his strengths lie in his on-stage presence and once he is on stage. Because he loves performing for a crowd, it all comes together to make a recipe for a spectacular event.

10. MONSTA X’s JooHoney

Finally, JooHoney, the master of what it takes to set any stage ablaze with their commanding voice. Whether they are performing on stage or in the studio – be it rapping over a beat or taking on some singing duties, you can bet that there’s no one better!

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 10 Best Live Rappers In K-Pop
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 10 Best Live Rappers In K-Pop