Top 20 Best GL Webtoons Recommendation

Looking for the best GL webtoons to read? Look no further! We’ve got 20 of the best recommendations for you, covering a range of genres and styles. Whether you’re looking for something heartwarming or breathtaking, there’s sure to be a webtoon on this list that’s perfect for you.

If you’re looking for some heartwarming GL webtoons or comics that will give you some unexpectedly high expectations for relationships, then you should definitely check out these webtoons! You won’t be disappointed by the great chemistry between the two individuals showcased in these stories.

Our top 20 GL webtoon recommendations are perfect for anyone looking for a great read. From heartwarming stories to hilarious adventures, there’s something for everyone on this list. So go ahead and enjoy!

1) Tamen de Gushi

GL Webtoons

I highly recommend reading Tamen De Gushi if you’re looking for a great GL webtoon! Not only is it funny, but it also has an amazing story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story starts with Qiu Tong and Sun Jing meeting in their teenage years. Sun Jing falls in love with Qiu Tong instantly when she sees her one day. Qiu Tong is a cool and tomboyish girl who intrigues Sun Jing.

After a lot of effort, she finally became friends with her. Their friendship grew slowly and turned into a healthy, yet exciting, relationship.

2. Her Tale of Shim Chong

GL Webtoons

“Her Tale of Shim Chong” is a great GL webtoon to read. The art is beautiful and the writing is very good. The story is based on the classic novel, “The Tale of Sim Cheong.”

This story is about Shim Chong, a filial daughter who is sacrificed to the sea gods by her blind father. But she is blessed by the gods and becomes an Empress.

Shim Chong is a beggar girl who takes favors from others to survive with her blind father. While her story may be similar to others, it is also very different. Shim Chong is a strong and determined young woman who never gives up, no matter what the situation is. Despite the challenges she faces, Shim Chong always tries to see the good in people and find the silver lining in every cloud.

Somewhere else, we have a young girl marrying an older man who only wants her for her youth. Both these women only wish to have freedom in their lives, and they come together and fall in love.

3. Ring My Bell

GL Webtoons

Mai Sohn is a webtoon artist, and recently, she got an offer from a huge publisher to publish her work. The only problem is that to write about romance, she needs real-life experiences. In the past, she had been in a relationship; thus, she had ample inspiration. But now that she’s single, she’s not sure how she’ll be able to write about romance without any personal experiences to draw from.

But after her girlfriend dumped her, she becomes hopeless. That is when her neighbor walks into her life, who at first comes off as homophobic. However, what her neighbor does next changes everything.

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4. Soul Drifters

GL Webtoons

This Thai webtoon is a great mix of romance, fantasy, and action. The story is set in a future world where human beings don’t have to worry about death anymore.

At Eternal Life Corporation, Claire Clayton is a researcher working on life-changing projects, just like the one that granted humans eternal life. Clayton is just one of the many talented employees at the company who are working hard to make even more progress.

Her life is great, considering her wife Sheryl Goss holds a prestigious position in her company too. But why does it seem like Sheryl is hiding a deep secret from her?

5. Mage & Demon Queen

This story is set in a fantasy RPG game where players can team up and invade the demon tower. After defeating the demons, they can then go on to fight the last boss of the tower – the demon queen Velverosa.

If one can manage to defeat the demon queen, they will not only earn immense wealth and fame, but you’ll get to play the game again and again.

But Malori, a talented mage, has gone up the demon tower several times, only to use her opportunities to ask for the demon queen’s hand in marriage. At first Velverosa avoids her advances, but she eventually falls for her.

6. My Darling is the Cutest

At Brilliant Minds High School, Sadie is the top student. Everyone admires her for her beautiful face and calm demeanor.

Her peaceful life is turned upside down when rumors start circulating that she’s dating the second-best student in school. To stop the gossip, she hastily declares that she likes Lex Qi – without really thinking it through.

Unknown to her, Lex had been witnessing the situation the entire time. When she found out that someone like Sadie liked her, she was delighted. Things became complicated when Lex confessed her love for Sadie without knowing the actual truth.

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7. Sora & Haena

In this story, we meet two girls who are complete opposites of each other. On one hand, we have Yoon Sora, a topper who has a hard time making friends. On the other hand, we have Haena, a popular girl with lots of friends.

She was always a bit socially awkward and spent most of her life alone. But one day, out of the blue, a girl from a different school asked her out on a group date. One person was absent, but she had a great time.

This is how Sora met Haena. Sora is an introverted girl and Haena is extroverted. They started as friends, but then they gradually became more interested in each other.

8. Getting to Know Grace

This story is set in a time when status was everything. In this era, Andrew is the beautiful but sickly daughter of a Duke.

Among the few things that she can do from her bed’s comfort, includes coughing up blood and reading. The only person who accompanies her most of the time is a maid and her childhood friend Herta.

Andrew only wants appreciation and love from her friend, while Herta might have other intentions behind how she treats Andrew. This is because Andrew’s father ruined Herta’s family.

9. Moonlight Garden

Flower maidens are special because they have the ability to intoxicate anyone who holds them. Their powers are used for the entertainment and pleasure of others.

Dohwa is a young woman who has not yet come of age. She does not want to be a flower maiden, so she spends her time trying to find a way to break the curse.

But her plans get thwarted when a new woman enters the scene and takes over as the Mistress of the garden. Even though they start out on the wrong foot, they eventually come together and become friends.

10. Soulmate

TBH, this was my first GL I ever read. This story is about Yu Qi and Yuanzi who are both 27-year-olds and in a healthy relationship. They initially met in high school and then again in college.

The two eventually become a couple and live together happily. But everything changes when Yu Qi one day exchanges her soul with her 17-year-old past self.

The 27-year-old Yu Qi must try to correct the mistakes of the past so that Yuanzi can have a better future. And the 17-year-old Yu Qi must learn to live in the body of her 27-year-old future self.

11. Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily is a beautiful love story between two young lesbian girls. It’s one of the most realistic GL webtoons out there, and it’s definitely worth reading!

Jua and Nayoung are two girls with different approaches to romance. Jua prefers to hook up with others, while Nayoung has only experienced romance through comics. While both girls have valid reasons for their choices, Jua might want to consider opening herself up to the possibility of a romantic relationship, and Nayoung might want to explore other options besides just comics.

Nayoung falls in love with Jua and starts to pursue her, but she isn’t interested at first. Eventually, they both start going out and form a happy relationship.

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12. What Does The Fox Say?

Seung Ji is the newest member of the team at the renowned gaming development studio. She’s gorgeous and has a bit of an icy persona, and everyone falls for her instantly.

Even though her colleagues fawn over her, she becomes intrigued with her team leader, Sumin. At first, their relationship was nothing special, but it slowly developed into something more.

It’s just not the two of them to fall for each other. Someone else comes to take part in their relationship as well, and that changes things.

13. The Third Party

The Third Party is a story about an unlikely love triangle between three unpredictable people. Gu Jeong Hui is a rich and sheltered girl who is the daughter of a company director.

Her father controls her life, and she even got married to a successful anchor under his orders. Even though she does not hate her husband, she does not like him either.

Working at her father’s company as an intern, she meets a person with whom she will have a dangerous yet romantic affair. This completely changes her life.

14. Lilith

Lilith is a story about Chun Jae Hee, a school teacher who is a obsessed masochism. She loves being whipped by her friend and chief director, Ju Hae Rim.

If Yun Sul Hwa is hired as an instructor at Jae Hee’s school, where Jae Hee had already seen her in the past, Yun Sul Hwa’s hidden emotions start to come out.

This is the beginning of the story of two women: one who is seeking dominance and the other who wants love. If you’re a fan of “girl love,” you’ll enjoy this Yuri Manhwa story.

15. Just Right There!

““Just Right There” is a story about Min Do Yeon, who was in a regular relationship when her boyfriend split with her.

Devastated, Do Yeon desperately calls her most beloved buddy, Bo Kyung, and they take a trip out for a drink. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the pair go to “Girls Bar,” and Min Do Yeon is spotted kissing a stranger, but the two aren’t content with just the kiss.

Check out how this hot romance turns into a stunning romantic drama.”

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16. Elixir

Eunha and Siyeon were high school sweethearts until Eunha found out that Siyeon had used a magical potion to make her fall in love with them. Devastated, Eunha broke away from Siyeon, but they reconnected at a business meeting 10 years later.

After some initial hesitation, Siyeon finally decides to approach Eunha and offer her a second chance. Eunha agrees to think about the proposal, but just as they are about to get back together, other mysterious forces take over their lives.

17. Us Right Now

Rina and Noa are a great couple that have been living together for 4 years now. Sometimes when Rina is at work, she doesn’t always understand how Noa feels not being able to spend time with her. So one day, Noa decides to put their relationship to the test.

If Noa admits that she broke up with her, she scurries away from home and leaves an unwritten note. If Rina could not find her within two days, then there would not ever be an “us” any more between them.

18. Pulse

Mei is a famous heart surgeon who has an easy life–that is until her busy schedule gets in the way. When her life is hectic and stressful every day, she sees sexual intimacy as a source of pleasure. Even though she’s never been in any real relationship, she regularly finds satisfaction with various women.

Then she meets someone called Lynn in the hospital corridor, and this changes her view of relationships. She soon realizes that relationships are not about enjoyment, but about affection.

19. Girl in the Birdcage

Yeonkwang Arts High School has a unique program where they have two separate programs for two different kinds of students.

The talented and gifted students get everything that they need, including art supplies, financial support, and exhibitions. This allows them to focus on their studies and develop their talent.

On the other hand, students who don’t work as hard may not get anything, and they will have to fend for themselves. What happens when a student from the gifted section falls in love with a student from the talentless section?

20. The Love Doctor

Jung Erae is clueless about relationships and men, to the point where she drives every man away. Desperate, she seeks help and ends up contacting a love doctor, Cha Yoon.

Strangely enough, Erae starts developing newfound feelings for doctor.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our article on the top 20 best GL webtoons recommendations! These webtoons are sure to hook you from the start, so be sure to give them a try as soon as you can.

I believe that love is love – regardless of gender. In my point of view, I think that GL relationships are beautiful and deserve just as much recognition as any other type of relationship. So don’t be ashamed or anything, because GL webtoons are meant to be read and enjoyed by everyone!

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