Upcoming 5 New BL Dramas Based On Webtoons

Following the popularity of “Semantic Error,” more Korean (BL) webtoons are being adapted into BL dramas!

Here are 5 upcoming BL dramas set to release this year.

1. “Blueming”

Blueming is a teenage drama based on Who Can Define Popularity, a BL-focused webtoon serialized on KAKAO Page.

The story follows Siwon, a child who has been teased as an ugly child by his younger sister. While growing up, he became more and more determined to change the way he looked until, finally, one day, after working hard on making himself look better, he was acknowledged by his younger sister and even loved by her. He had succeeded in changing his life.

Siwon had no doubt that he would be the most popular guy on campus now that he was in college. However, Hyeong Daun is here too, and he’s got everything! This guy has it all, from good looks to a great personality, flawless grades, and wealthy background.

“Blueming” will be released on March 31st, 2022.

2. “Love Tractor”

The web drama adapts to the webtoon written by AngryMonster and HmmYongYong. It was produced by the same production company as “Semantic Error” and directed by Kim Roehwa, who contributed to many dramas like Queen In-Hyun’s Man and Rooftop Prince.

SeonYool from the city meets YeChan from the country, and together they discover love. But will their love be enough to bridge the gap between farmers and businessmen?

The upcoming release date for “Love Tractor” has not been announced yet. However, the official English version of the “Love Tractor” webtoon is available on Tappytoon.

3. “Follow the Wind”

The webtoon is an adaption of the web drama by the same name written by Geomdong and JUSTOON.

Han Baram is a guitar instructor and a BJ who offers private lessons in playing the guitar on a single-person Internet broadcast to earn some extra cash. Han Barr also developed an interest in Han-tae, who he grew up with as a close colleague. Still, he never expressed his feelings because experiencing an embarrassing moment like getting dumped once in high school can make one wary of exposing their true self.

The drama “Follow The Wind” is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

5. “Bon Appetit”

A romance between an office worker and his neighbour who cooks well.

“Bon Appetit” is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

5. “Ocean Likes Me”

“Ocean Likes Me” is a healing food romance about a small shop worker who dreams of owning a business and a failed musician who returns to his hometown in hopes of finding a new dream.

It is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

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