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Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

Korean BLs are currently an international rage; Thai BLs are treading on their local territory. Today’s feature deals with new releases and updates on ongoing shows. So, join us as we dive into the Asian shores and check out the diaspora of the popular Boys’ Love phenomenon!

The global obsession with BL content has risen significantly over the last few years, with new websites and blogs appearing every month focusing specifically on this passion.

1. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

Adapted from the webtoon “Cherry Blossoms After Winter” (겨울 지나 벚꽃) by Bam Woo (밤우), this live-action series focuses on the blossoming relationship between the two teenagers, Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong. Hae Bom was raised by his adoptive family when he lost his parents at a young age. While there doesn’t seem to be a lot of warmth in Hae Bom’s household, as the story progresses, it becomes evident that Tae Song may have been more loving than anyone gave him credit for.

While the drama explores much of Hae Bom and Tae Seong’s relationship and their hardships in adapting to one another, it is evident that Hae Bom feels indebted to them much more than he would like to admit. Their backgrounds are complicated, but they are also expected to go to school together at this time. Fate may have intervened here in a big way because Tae Seong has been transferred into Hae Bom’s class in their last year of high school.

Throughout the first episodes of this new series, we witness them getting to know each other surprisingly leisurely. But, slowly but surely, I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship will progress as they get to learn more and more about each other as characters.

2. Rak Diao

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

Thai series Rak Diao has a classic story’s hallmarks, starring handsome hunks Earth Thanakrit & Win Songsin as the leads. Anyone who follows the romantic comedy genre will appreciate how well-played this familiar plot is, with a frenemies-to-lovers plotline that has worked in countless previous productions and will continue to be cosily appealing to many couples looking for an entertaining watch.

The art and storyline are top-notch. If I had to choose one word to describe what’s good about this series, I would go with “well-calibrated” because the author knows precisely how far to take each joke or plot twist without turning any of it into a case overkill.

3. Cutie Pie The Series

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

Although Cutie Pie’s main romantic plot involved the typically unspoken concept of an arranged marriage, the characters Hia Lian and Nuea made their passion for one another palpable. While Nuea is the son of an aristocratic family, Hia Lian is an upcoming entrepreneur who dreams of elevating his company to a greater height. As a result, the first two episodes focused on their direct character relationship, as Nuea fakes living a dull and boring life to gain Hia Lian’s attention and affection.

Zee and New have excellent chemistry, and they make a fantastic pair. The second lead couple, Hia Yi (Max Saran) and Kon Diao (Nat Natasitt), also have an engaging storyline. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

4. Secret Crush On You

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

Co-Produced by Saint Suppapong and starring the stalkerish Sen Wichai Toh, Secret Crush On You is truly a show for those with patience! The storytelling is superfluous, and watching this show will test your patience. But it really does have a unique appeal that makes it stand out amongst others. It doesn’t just present audiences with goosebumps-inducing romance but also a little bit of humour.

Three factors keep this wacky sitcom going strong – the great chemistry between Toh and his secret crush, Nuea (Billy Patchanon); Toh’s crazy yet supportive group of friends who also happen to be his roommates; attractive side couples like Sky (Heng Asavarid) with Khaojao (Surprise Pittikorn) as well as Kongkwan (Freen Sarocha) with Fon (Becky Armstrong). At times, the show may not make much sense, but it is a crazy addiction!

5. Physical Therapy

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like

This medical romance hasn’t gotten much buzz, but it’s pretty good so far. There are some weird twists and turns sewn into the narrative that I’m thoroughly enjoying. For example, pun (Petch Jakkaphet ) and Milk (Son Ravisut) meet because of a sudden twist in fate.

Pun and Milk have some of the best onscreen chemistry we’ve ever seen! It only took them one meeting to fall head over heels in love, and being stuck in close quarters during Pun’s treatment has a way of bringing people closer together. Their love story is much sweeter than the average romance out there! Watch it if you are looking for something light-hearted.


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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Top 5 Ongoing BL Drama Of 2022 You Might Like