Check Out: Upcoming Thai Drama “Wedding Plan” with An Unexpected Story

Check Out: Upcoming Thai Drama Wedding Plan with An Unexpected Story

Me Mind Y has recently unveiled the official trailer for “Wedding Plan The Series” along with its release date!

Immerse yourself in the chaotic love story of Namnuea and Sailom, which will unfold starting next month in “Wedding Plan The Series”. This highly anticipated series is an adaptation of MAME’s novel of the same name and features both BL and GL couples. The stellar cast includes Sunny Wannarat, Naphat Leelahatorn, Aya Orapan, Kate Sasisarun, Forth Kashane, and Donut Suppawit, portraying the characters of Sailom, Namnuea, Yiwa, Sun, and Ryu respectively.

An unexpected romance blossoms between the wedding planner, Nam Nuea, and Sailom, a young businessman posing as the groom. However, this love story is far from simple. Sailom is accompanied by Yiwa, who is meant to be the ideal bride for Nam Nuea, unbeknownst to them that their marriage is just a facade. Adding to the complexity, Yiwa already has a lover named Marine. What will unfold when Nam Nuea discovers that the wedding he meticulously planned is merely a setup? How will the relationship between the groom and the wedding planner evolve as they grow closer?

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“Wedding Plan” is scheduled to premiere on July 19th and will air every Wednesday at 11 PM GMT+7 on the local TV station, GMM25. Episodes will be available on the global streaming platform iQIYI. Don’t miss out on this intriguing and captivating series as the characters navigate through a web of love, secrets, and unexpected twists.

Watch the Official Trailer from below!

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 | Check Out: Upcoming Thai Drama "Wedding Plan" with An Unexpected Story
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 | Check Out: Upcoming Thai Drama "Wedding Plan" with An Unexpected Story