3 New Powerful BL Series Couples of 2022 You Should Know

Worldwide audiences have become very interested in the Boys Love series business. This is because there are a lot of different shows to watch, and the actors who play the main characters are both attractive and good at what they do. All of these things make the boy’s love series even more appealing.

Also, there are a lot of famous made-up couples from the boy’s love series that people love, and some of them are known both locally and internationally.

These 3 new BL series couples are getting a lot of love from fans lately because of how well they get along.

1. Apo Nattawin and Mile Phakphum

In “KinnPorsche,” Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin share the lead role for the first time in the BL series.

This TV show couple has excellent chemistry, and people in Thailand and many other countries love them.

2. Inn Sarin and Job Thuchapon

This year, Thai TV3 showed “The Miracle of Teddy Bear,” its first BL drama. Inn Sarin and Job Thuchapon played the leading roles.

These two young Thai actors are very popular both in Thailand and worldwide.

3. Zee Pruk and Nunew Chawarin

“Cutie Pie The Series” gets excellent reviews in Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Korea because of how well Zee Pruk and Nunew Chawarin act.

When they join the event, many of their fans from the area come to cheer them on.

On Instagram, 2.4 million people were following Zee Pruk. Likewise, Nunew Chawarin gained 1.1 million followers on this popular social media site.

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