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10 K-Dramas of 2020 To Add To Your Watchlist

10 kdrama of 2020

2020 has been a difficult time for all of us. COVID changes our lives and of course, our lifestyle…..

But the kdrama industry never upset its viewers so today we are going to know about K-Dramas of 2020 – released at the time of lockdown but are still remembered for their excellent performance….


K-Dramas of 2020

This korean drama is completely different from its title. Honestly, this is one of the most terrifying korean drama, I’ve ever seen…

 Now if we talk about its plot , in this drama we will get to know about a boy who is very depressed after his family dies in an accident. While he decides to end his life by committing suicide, a dangerous virus spreads out which makes infected one’s monsters. In this drama, you will come across the stories of other residents living in a building who gather for their survival.

 Talking about animation, it is as realistic as it could be ….

Ratings- [8.7/10]

Number of episodes- 10

Available- Netflix

Starring – Song kang, Lee do hyun


K-Dramas of 2020

The male lead- Lee yeon is living as a nine-tailed fox because, in his previous life, he sacrificed his life as a mountain god to save his lover’s life.

On the other hand, Nam Ji Aa (female lead) is a professional PD of documentaries.

She broadcasts stories related to supernatural happenings and creatures. When Lee yeon meets Ji Aa he seduces her because he was craving human flesh. But later he falls in love with her

Ratings –[8/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix, YouTube

Starring- Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah

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K-Dramas of 2020

This is a comedic korean drama.

As the female lead has an allergy on her face which everybody disregards her and she feels embarrassed about her face as she got bullied because of the same so she decides to use make-up products to hide her allergy.

The most handsome boy and another popular boy falls in love with her. It is very interesting to watch a comedic love triangle full of new plots and twists….

Ratings –[9/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Cha eun woo, Hwang in youp, Moon Ga-young


K-Dramas of 2020

This is another big hit of 2020 that deserves to be in the top 10.

This is a supernatural love story that describes the relationship of a couple belonging to an entirely different universe i.e., a parallel universe.

A modern-day Korean emperor mysteriously enters into a parallel universe where he meets a detective who is an independent and brave girl.

In this kdrama we’ll get to see a lot of politics that usually happens in a kingdom. Also, a love triangle is there.

Ratings –[7/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Kim go eun , Lee min ho

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K-Dramas of 2020

This is one of the kdrama of 2020 which is a super hit. The plot is like the male lead is a soft, introverted man who is sent behind the bars for his father’s death because of false accusations by the CEO of a food company whose son killed his father.

He plans to start his own food company and starts accomplishing his goal seven years later, he is released from prison.

He, with his marvelous business skills, manages to compete with South Korea’s best food company and later replaces them. While achieving his goal he meets a sociopath and bold girl who has a crush on Park Seo roi and becomes the manager of his business.

Ratings –[9.5/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Kim da mi , Park seo joon


K-Dramas of 2020

This is a Korean drama with strong female lead Yoon Seri, who is a famous businesswoman. She is a young CEO of her own company and future chairwoman of her father’s company.

An accident happened, due to a sudden tornado in the outskirts of South Korea and she entered the demilitarized zone of North Korea. There she meets Captain Ri Jeong hyuk, who was a generous man who was excellent in his job.

He made a lot of effort to send her back but failed every time and later they both fell in love with each other. When she reached her home, Jeong Hyuk came after her to protect her from a North Korean spy.

According to me, this is the best Korean drama I’ve ever watched

Ratings –[9.8/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Hyun Bin, Son ye jin


K-Dramas of 2020

This korean drama is perfect for those who are searching for motivation in korean dramas.

So the story revolves around the life of a software engineer and a girl to achieve success in life. Nam do san is a software engineer who works on AI technology.

The latter is a young entrepreneur who is working hard to achieve success. Sandbox is a platform where young entrepreneurs and developers are given opportunities to emerge as independent corporations.

Han Ji Pyeong is a rich investor who is a pen pal of Seo Dal Mi and writes letters to her as Nam Do San.

Later when the three meet, a love triangle is formed. This drama is the one you should add to your watchlist.

Ratings -[9/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Nam Jo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim seon ho

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K-Dramas of 2020

Ko Mun Yeong is an anti-social author who writes fictional story books for children.

She meets a young man working in a psychiatric hospital who is the only bread earner of his family. His brother is a patient of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She gets attracted towards Moon Gang Tae because of his personality and attitude.

He loves his brother very much. This kdrama shows how to heal yourself on your own and the love between two brothers.

Ratings –[9/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Netflix

Starring- Seo Ye Jin , Kim Soo Hyun


K-Dramas of 2020

This korean drama depicts a love story of the modern era.

As we know that a guy and a girl can’t be just friends, at a point one of them surely falls in love. Kyung Woo Yeon is a calligraphist who is still stuck on her school crush Lee Soo who works as a professional photographer.

However, after 10 years they both meet again and fall for each other.

Lee Soo doesn’t realize his love for Woo Yeon and Woo Yeon gets in a relationship with On Joon Soo, the CEO of a printing company. When Lee Soo realizes his love and affection, a love triangle builds up between the three. Some comedic scenes are also seen in this drama.

Ratings –[6/10]

Number of episodes-16

Available – Disney plus Hotstar

Starring- Ong seong Woo, Shin ye eun


K-Dramas of 2020

This is a fantasy kdrama. Sol ah is a graphic designer who has a dream of becoming a webtoon- comic designer.

She always had a love-hate relationship with cats. Her life takes a drastic change when she keeps a beautiful white cat that has a mysterious quality changing itself into a young boy.

She falls in love with him but when she gets to know about his truth, it was already too late that his ability to turn himself into a cat was about to end. In this, we can say that it is not a full happy ending but still it can be satisfying for many

Ratings –[7.6/10]

Number of episodes-12

Available –Mx player

Starring- L, Shin ye eun.

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So this was a list of Korean dramas released at the time of lockdown. These are the ones that kept Korean drama lovers away from boredom even at the time of lockdown.

So that’s it for today kdrama lovers,, next time will be back with a new list of dramas.

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