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Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series

Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series THE DRAMA PARADISE

This series is released on MeMindY TV. This series is based on the novel of the same name i.e. LOVE IN THE AIR written by MAME.

MAME also wrote novels Tharn type and Don’t Say No which is also converted into a series before and are highly rated series.

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Short Overview of the Drama

This series is consist of two stories:



Both stories occur simultaneously in the series and are interlinked.

Total No. of Episodes: 13


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series

This story is about Phayu and Rain. Phayu is a top student of architecture and Rain is his junior from the same department in the same college. Phayu is famous in the college, many girls have crushes on him. Ple is a classmate of Rain who has a crush on Phayu whereas Rain has a crush on her.

So, he tried to find some dirty secrets about Phayu which make her not like him anymore. Sky is his best friend who helps him in this task. Rain found out that he participate in the illegal race circuit as the main mechanic. He entered in the circuit without permission and guards tried to catch him while Phayu helps him to get through the security and warned him about the result of his doings.

Then Rain told him that he’ll make him fall in love with him in a month. But he does not know Phayu was already in love with him since the freshman year party.

No. of Episodes: 1st 7 episodes


Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya as Phayu

Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai as Rain

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series

This story is about Prapai and Sky. Prapai is rich and is the main racer of the illegal race circuit who ranks 1st among the racers. He met Sky on the race track when he came with Rain. Prapai helps him from the guards and asks for something in return to save him.

That’s how this story starts. Sky belongs to a normal family whose parents are divorced. He is the only child and lives with his father while his mother lives abroad. Prapai lives with his parents and a younger brother and a sister. Prapai falls in love with Sky after that night.

He starts pursuing him. Sky has bad memories of his ex-boyfriend who haunts him even in nightmares. Due to his past, he never wants to be in relationship with anyone.

No. of Episodes: Last 8 episodes


Fort Thitipong Sengngai as Prapai

Peat Wasuthorn Chaijinda as Sky

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Some Facts You May Don’t Know

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series
Some Facts You May Don’t Know

In every episode, you will watch Rain wearing a T-shirt with something written on it but there’s no translation available on them even though I got to know about it after I watch their reaction videos of the series.

Noeul lived in Korea before where he studied at Yonsei University and he is fluent in Korean, Thai, and English language. Boss and Noeul met first on audition day and when they confirm their casting roles Boss gives him the rose as it was on valentine’s day.

Peat is older than the Fort and their chemistry is very intense as it has all the emotions involved highly.

Soon, we’ll have a special episode of the series for which I’m waiting desperately….

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: “Love in the Air” Thai BL Series