5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy

A lovely, cute relationship is always the best part of a drama, a romantic drama that is. What is better than a breezy rom-com to cool your mind and bust your stress? So here is a list of 5 romantic chinese dramas to add to your watchlist.

You Are My Glory

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

Qiao Jing Jing, an A-list actress has one chance to prove that she is a good gamer. But the truth is, she is terrible at games. She has to train under a master player to get better and just then, she comes across her high school crush Yu Tu in the game. He is one of the best players and the best teacher she can find. For him, she might turn out to be the person who helps him find his passion back. Their relationship which slowly progresses from friendship to love forms this beautiful story.

Aerospace is a genre not so explored in Chinese dramas. In this series, we get to see Yu Tu’s passion for astrophysics and glimpses of his efforts in this field. The series is top-notch in terms of its plot and visuals. The plot mainly revolves around the leads but there are many characters that you’ll surely love. The chemistry between the leads is nothing but fire. We would love to see them again in another Romantic Chinese Dramas.

Cast: Yang Yang, Dilireba Dilmurat

Ratings: 8.3/10 IMDb, 9.5/10 Viki

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

Episodes: 32

Falling Into Your Smile

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

Tong Yao is on cloud nine when she is selected as a member of ZGDX, the best esports team in the country. Being the only girl in the team, she faces criticism and attacks from both fans and the members. But soon she wins all of them over with her talent and ability. Lu Si Cheng, the captain of the team, is harsh on her in the beginning but eventually, he becomes her biggest support in the team. They grow closer and fall in love. Together, they keep the team as one and lead it towards victories.

Esports is a very popular genre, especially in chinese dramas. The gaming scenes and VFX are one of the best compared to all other dramas I have seen. The characters in the game are explained properly which makes it easier to watch. The characters in the drama are all amazing. You will love every one of them. The team, the house they live in, the cats, the fish…everything just fits so perfectly in the setting that you will come back again and again to see them. Now, the chemistry between the leads. Cute is the only word to describe it. They make such a cute couple that you always get butterflies.

Cast: Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai

Ratings: 8.4/10 IMDb, 9.6/10 Rakuten Viki

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki, Hi Tv app

Episodes: 31

Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

Wu Bai, popularly known as DT, is a prodigy in robot combat who has a lifelong crush on Ai Qing who is the legend of robot combat, Appledog and a former member of the team Solo, a huge name in the field. After waiting for many years, Wu Bai finally gets a chance to compete against Ai Qing and he defeats her. But she leaves before he could properly talk to her.

They meet again in a major tournament and form a great bond. He realizes that she still blames herself for Team Solo getting dissolved and for her break up with the team leader Wang He/Solo. He wants to help her but they end up getting separated as Wu Bai develops an eye disorder and leaves to get surgery.

Years later, they meet again but due to a twist of fate, Ai Qing becomes the coach of SP, the rival team of Wu Bai’s K&K. But as it is with love, they eventually come closer and realize that they are meant for each other.

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First of all, if you have watched Go Go Squid season 1 and expect to see the same character and setting in season 2, you’ll be a bit disappointed because a lot has changed from season 1. The female lead, some supporting characters, the sport and many more. But the best part is, you’ll love the change. The setting is much more detailed and as we move forward in the story, a lot of minute things unfold which will make you admire this love story. It is mature in a way but also very cute.

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

The second leads, Ai Jing and Shen Yi, too will keep you hooked on to their story. The dynamics in the K&K team with Wu Bai as the captain and the competition between SP and K&K give you a rush of excitement as expected from a sports drama.

Then there is Wu Liao who has the most number of fans in the drama. You’ll know who he is when you watch the drama. Overall, it is one of the best Romantic Chinese Drama you’ll ever watch.

Cast: Hu Yi Tian, Li Yi Tong

Ratings: 7.8/10 IMDb, 9.2/10 Rakuten Viki

Where to watch: Youtube, Rakuten Viki

Episodes: 38

My Little Happiness

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

Wen Shao Qing is a skilled Surgeon who is still waiting for his childhood best friend. He has a strict personality which may come across as rude sometimes. Cong Rong is an intern at a law firm who gets assigned to his hospital for her initial training. Their first encounter is at the airport where they both help a collapsed person. She sees him again at the hospital but his strict nature irritates her.

But later, he recognizes her as his childhood best friend and starts being warm. He tries to reignite their old friendship and eventually succeeds. She moves in as his neighbour and slowly, their relationship develops into a beautiful love. Their love is mature and stands the test of time. Even when they both become so busy in their personal lives that they have little time to spend with each other, they manage it effectively and stay happy.

This is the story of an urban couple who have little time for love. Practically, it is the story of every modern-day couple. Perhaps, that is the reason why this deserves a watch. It tackles the normal problems faced by couples and solves them so efficiently that you never feel a crack in their love.

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The second leads, Wen Rang and Zhou Cheng Cheng, have an equally intriguing love story. Wen Rang has a quiet personality and finds solace in reading and music. He runs a bookstore near Cheng Cheng’s restaurant. She, on the other hand, is bubbly and cheerful. She is rich but wants to succeed by herself. She falls in love with Wen Rang as she gets to know him but he is still stuck in his past with his ex-girlfriend. Still, in the end, he realises his love for Cheng Cheng and they together embark on a wonderful journey filled with fun, adventure and love. So, I would say that you should give this drama a watch.

Cast: Xing Fei, Xiaotian Tang

Ratings: 8.1/10 IMDb, 9.6/10 Rakuten Viki

Where to watch: We tv, Rakuten Viki

Episodes: 28

Sweet Teeth

 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
Romantic Chinese Dramas

Zeng Li is a librarian and writer. She has a cheerful and kind personality but she is hesitant to fall in love because of her past. Ai Jing Chu is a dentist. He also gives lectures at the university where Zeng Li works. He has a calm and composed personality and is very handsome, making him the most popular guy on campus. Initially, due to a misunderstanding, Zeng Li is not very fond of him and wants to avoid him at any cost when she needs to get dental braces. But eventually, she ends up becoming his patient and the misunderstanding is resolved too.

The two develop a friendship that blossoms into a subtle yet sweet romance. Zeng Li’s friends Ma Yi Yi and Wu Ying are her biggest supporters. Ma Yi Yi is a fashion blogger and Wu Ying is a doctor.

Unlike other dramas in this list, this is a very subtle drama. The romance between the main leads is developed slowly so that it doesn’t lose its beauty. We also get to see Ma Yi Yi and Wu Ying’s love stories which are given equal screen space as the leads’ story. The friendship between them is very relatable. You get immersed into this story.

The past of the leads and its implications on their present relationship is realistically portrayed. The subtleness of the story makes it a very light watch. The story just flows without much complicated dramas or hindrances. This kind of plot is actually rare in Chinese dramas. If you love simple and cute relationships, this is for you.

Cast: Wu Xuan Yi, Bi Wen Jun, Zhai Xiao Wen, Baby Zhang, Liu Te, Wan Zi Lin

Ratings: 9.5/10 iQIYI, 9.9/10 Rakuten Viki

Where to watch: iQIYI, Rakuten Viki

Episodes: 22

Happy watching….

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 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy
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 | 5 Romantic Chinese Dramas of 2021 that are Bingeworthy