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6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

BL dramas have gained a lot of users attention worldwide. But, you must be thinking, what is BL? It is short for Boy’s Love; BL is currently the most widely used term for anime and manga with romantic relationships.

All I can say is, the genre is AMAZING! I personally discovered the “BL” series recently. Below I’ve listed some quality Korean BL dramas that you can binge-watch immediately.

1. Color Rush

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

Moreover, Yeon Woo is a boy with neuropathic (colour blindness). He lives in a world where everything is black and white or reminder grey until Yoo Han comes into his life. Then, whenever Yoo Han walks into the space, Yeon Woo finds himself seeing explosions of colours that he has never experienced before.

You will discover the right combination of romance and thrill because the plot unfolds, and you end up looking forward to more. Fans of this drama have commented that “Color Rush” is one of the foremost special K-dramas they need to watch, mainly because it deals with a fascinating topic: Monos and probes.

2. Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

It is an 8-episode romantic drama story crammed with music and love, starred by Kang In Soo, who made his debut within the entertainment as a member of the idol group, Myname and Lee Sang, a member of the idol group IMFACT.

One day, a fateful encounter on YouTube leads Yoon Sang Yi (Lee Sang) to fall entirely head over heels for In Soo’s music and obtain the brilliant idea to recommend the young artist to hitch his record company’s rookie discovery project. The two are soon paired up to measure and work together, and a tingly feeling begins to blossom between them.

And did you recognize the song charted high on music charts because it’s just that good? Another great point about this drama is that it’s not just a fairy tale. Each character has their baggage to affect, and it makes it all the more interesting to observe the plot unfold as each internal conflict plays a neighbourhood in their relationships.

3. To My Star

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

A-list celebrity Kang Seo Joon gets himself into yet one more scandal—but at this point, he can’t just escape with it. Frustrated with the enormous onslaught of media attention, his manager suggests that he occupy the apartment he owns until the frenzy dies down. But little did he know, had already rented the apartment,  bent the breathtakingly handsome chef Han Ji Woo.

Seo Joon and Ji Woo begin an unexpected situation and soon feel the undeniable attraction they need for each other. Together, they must decide between understanding their differences or simply leaving things as they’re and going their separate ways.

A puppy-eyed celebrity and a cranky chef, what more could you ask for? If you’re a real K-drama fan, you recognize that’s a mixture worth shipping! Not only do the actors have insane visual chemistry, but the acting has also been judged to be one among the simplest within the BL world, bringing a sensible flair to the drama.

4. Where Your Eyes Linger

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

Han Tae Joo and Gang Gook have an unusual relationship: Han Tae Joo is a super-wealthy, powerful heir to a conglomerate fortune. Therefore, Gang Gook is his unofficial bodyguard. The two get older together, sharing childhood memories.

That is until Hye Mi enters their lives by transferring to their school. When she asks out Gook on a date, Tae Joo feels a weird emotion build up inside him (jealousy). But the critical question is, will he have the courage to act on this feeling and declare his love for Tae Joo? Or will he hide behind the veil of childhood friendship?

We all have a childhood friend we’ve had a crush on, maybe even confessed our like to. The most straightforward thing about this type of love-friendship is that they’re people we all know best, the people we shared the bulk of our lives with. and are available on, who hasn’t dreamed of getting a hot bodyguard or dating a handsome suitor who also happens to be the only heir to a fortune?

5. Mr. Heart

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

Sang Ha is a sunshine boy and a sprinter who never loses his smile even when things are at their lowest. But, on the other hand, Jin Won is a stone-cold marathoner who doesn’t care about anyone or anything but running his next race. So it’s no surprise that when Jin Won’s coach introduces Sang-Ha to become his new pacemaker, Jin Won doesn’t take it easy.

The two don’t get along initially, primarily thanks to Jin Won’s salty attitude. Still, as they begin to share a deeper, more genuine connection on the tracks, their relationship matures. Their shared passion, running, brings them closer together. But at an equivalent time, in creeps the fear that if they develop this romance further, they’ll both lose what they need to be worked so hard to realize.

6. You Make Me Dance

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch

Song Shi On a 22-year-old college student majoring in contemporary dance, and Jin Hong Seok, a 28-year-old debt collector from a lending firm. Their worlds collide when Shi On suggests sharing an apartment with Hong Seok to save lots of up rent money. From two completely different stars, the duo unexpectedly comes across something they need in common—their love for dance, or to be more exact, how reality is getting into the way of their dreams to bop.

Shi On has been thrown out of home due to his career ambitions, and Hong Seok is merely performing at the lending firm for the cash it brings. But, because the pair develops a better relationship, they’re also faced with social pressure. You’ll be surprised by how well-rounded each character is and the way many dimensions there are to their personalities. During this drama, fate hides behind the mask of unexpected encounters, and destiny behind inevitable conflicts, reminding its viewers that everything happens for a reason.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 6 Korean BL Dramas You Should Watch