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Review: Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area

Review: Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area THE DRAMA PARADISE

Hello guys! I am back with one more article on a review of a Korean drama for you guys…. So today we will talk about the Korean version of money heist i.e, MONEY HEIST KOREA: Joint Economic Area.


The story starts with a north Korean girl who is a big fan of south Korean culture ( kpop, kdrama, etc…). Her dream was to get into the army and when she gets discharged from the army, a joint economic area builds up.

The main aim of this joint economic area was to unite Korea and use the same currency in both parts. She decides to move into that area to live a free life but there, she faces a lot of struggles.

During this struggle, she realises that only the rich are becoming ultra-rich and the ones who are at the bottom are going down.

She becomes a criminal and a thief. Then due to mental instability, she decides to kill herself, but a man who people called ‘ Professor’ saved her life and asked her to join his team.

 He was planning to do the biggest heist in the world of about 4 trillion the story goes on….and they start the robbery. Let’s see if these robbers will succeed in their plan or not.


People nowadays have been interested in web series related to scandals, heists, and corruption…..if you are a fan of this type of series then this must be your next one as the character played is too brilliant. This is a part of Netflix’s official MONEY HEIST which is a Spanish series


Review: Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area THE DRAMA PARADISE

Jeon jong soo as Tokyo

She is the main lead of the series and depicts the story in which the series starts.

She is a strong and independent girl with excellent fighting skills

Yoo ji tae as Professor

He is the mastermind of the whole heist that is gonna happen in the series. He is a calm and intelligent man.

Lee Hyun woo as Rio

He is a young boy with excellent hacking skills


It is rated 6/10 on IMDB and 8/10 on Netflix’s official website. According to me, it deserves more ratings because this deserves a lot more than 6.


Review: Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area THE DRAMA PARADISE

MONEY HEIST KOREA is the remake version of the original MONEY HEIST which is a Spanish series with a touch of the whole of Europe.

 There is a great robbery depicted in this series and the economic condition of Korea after the war is also shown very sarcastically.

If you are one who is interested in such a new era series then this one is just made for you.

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