“The Silent Sea” Kdrama – Review – Binge-Worthy?

The Silent Sea

Reviews are the spoilers that everybody wants!

Today I am back with a review of ‘THE SILENT SEA


The Silent Sea

The silent sea has a new concept of all….it’s visual drift is impressive.

The story starts mysteriously when a group of bio-scientists goes to the moon to find lunar water to overcome the situation of drought on Earth. They go on a 24 hours mission in which they make many strange discoveries about the moon and also about the possibility of life on the moon. When I first saw this series, I was a bit scared due to too much suspense but then I was relieved….

When they reach, they find out that the lunar water is very dangerous to human life as their assumptions went wrong…..lunar water particles spread like viruses and can kill anybody because when they mix up with human blood, they multiply.

They landed on Balhae station where a strange accident happened 5 years ago due to which all the scientists and crew members died.

The cause of death was lunar water. However, the situation depicted in the series is a bitter truth about the future because we people aren’t valuing the resources of Earth.


The Silent Sea

If you love to watch sci-fi dramas and movies, then dude these ones are for you.

 It has multiple genres like- mystery, sci-fi, horror, etc…..and all these are balanced in such a way that you’ll never regret watching it.


This drama has shown a very good response among the viewers.

It is rated 7 out of 10 on IMDB, 8 out of 10 on the drama list, and according to resources, it is liked by 80% of the audience.

According to me, it deserves 10 out of 10.


The Silent Sea

Stars have done a great job. Their acting skills are admirable and with such a talented cast any series can become binge-worthy…

It stars-:

Gong yoo as Captain han yun jae

He is the team leader who guides and takes care of his team very well!

Bae doona as Dr. Song ji an

She is playing the role of an astrobiologist who is very passionate about her job.



It was released in 2021 but is still remembered because of its outstanding performance by the cast.


The title of the drama- ‘THE SILENT SEA’ has a very unique meaning here.

 It means ‘ a state of peace of the sea on the moon.

 I0t is emotionally attached to the astrobiologist Song Ji An.



Like other Korean dramas, this one also has a happy ending which is obviously deserved because the problem depicted here is very dangerous and can cause immediate death.

If you are craving a mind-blowing series with an out-of-the-world concept then, this is a must-add to your watch list.

You can really have a good time watching this series as this will give you a tickling of suspense.

For me, it is binge-worthy and shouldn’t be missed and if you are in search of a new type or new concept of k-drama then you can watch this drama

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 | "The Silent Sea" Kdrama - Review - Binge-Worthy?
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 | "The Silent Sea" Kdrama - Review - Binge-Worthy?