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Review: FOREST – A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

If you are looking for an engaging k drama that lies close to nature and with a cute and mature romance, I have a perfect suggestion for you. FOREST.


Romance, drama, Medical


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

It stars Park Hae Jin of Cheese in the Trap,

and Jo Bo Ah of The tail of the Nine-Tailed as leads. The second lead couple is played by Jung Yeon Joo and No Gwang Shik. There is also an interesting lineup of supporting actors such as Do Gyung Lee, Ryu Seung Soo, and Ahn Sang Woo.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

Park Hae Jin plays Kang San Hyeok who is the director of a huge company and becomes an Emergency rescue worker with hidden agendas. He will go to any extent to succeed in his projects. But he has a psychological condition that gives him excruciating pain in his hand whenever he’s reminded of his forgotten past.

During one of his hospital stays, he meets Dr. Jung Yeong Jae, played by Jo Bo Ah, who is an ace surgeon in the general surgery department. She has a scar from her past that gives her an anxiety attack whenever she comes across some situations. During such a situation, her anxiety disorder is revealed which leads to her dispatch to a countryside branch, Miryang hospital. There she accidentally comes across Kang San Hyeok who was there to inspect the Miryang Forest. They part ways only to meet again as housemates when he joins the emergency rescue team.

How their romance develops and the secret behind Miryang forest affects both of them, forms the rest of the story. We also get to see Kang San Hyeok’s past and his connection with the Miryang Forest.

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Reasons To Watch

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed
  • Jo Bo Ah plays a mature yet charming woman. Her character is strong but not arrogant. We will be able to connect with her trauma and how she overcomes it. The way she always puts herself before anything else is admirable. In a scene where the male lead asks her why she doesn’t hide her scar, her reply shows how she’s not ashamed of the person she is, as everyone should be. Her relationship with her father, an ex-rescuer, is the lovely father-daughter relationship we all love in k dramas.

  • Park Hae Jin’s Kang San Hyeok is arrogant initially but the changes that occur in him as he falls in love and connects with his past are convincingly portrayed. He is not a guy born with a silver spoon but someone who climbed his way up with his talent and effort. The way he does his job provides us with a clear view of the perfectionist he is.

  • The chemistry between the leads is amazing. It’s not rushed and the chemistry is gradually developed. Starting with friendly dynamics that slowly grow into a mutual attraction, their romance will surely give you butterflies in your stomach. The way they both deal with each other’s psychological issues is something to learn from. Besides, several heart-tickling scenes will surely make you go aw!

  • The backdrop of the story, Miryang forest, and the village are scenic and beautiful. The spectacular visuals from nature are quite a relief from the city buz that you usually see.

  • The second lead couple are cute…their dynamics with each other and the main leads are something to swoon over.

  • The interactions with the rescue team and among the hospital staff are fun. The rescue scenes and their training sessions are also shown in the drama.

It has a nice pace in the initial episodes with lots of funny scenes. As it progresses, the drama gets a little serious but the budding romance between the leads is more than enough to keep you hooked.

There are some surprising elements in the story that you’ll find interesting.

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The Medical Aspects

The drama puts a lot of focus on mental health. The way the writer deals with the characters and their psychological issues shows the importance he has given to the theme in the drama. It gives a valuable message to the viewers that mental health should not be ignored.


The OST (original soundtrack) is one of the best.

● Take me now by Luna

● You by Yuji

● Dazed by Llwyd

 are just a few to name. They’ve remained in my playlist for a long time and I’m sure they will stay in yours too.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

The aesthetic vibe of the forest will remain in your heart for a long time. The visuals, the background score…everything will give you the vibes of a beautiful travel vlog.


There are 32 episodes in total. Each one is 30 minutes long.


It has amazing ratings on most sites

IMDb rating – 7.3/10

MyDramaList – 7.9/10

Rakuten Viki – 9.3/10

Where To Watch

It’s available in Rakuten Viki, We tv, telegram, Hi tv app, and several other prominent sites.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed

If you are a nature lover and love watching travel vlogs and k dramas, this is a perfect watch for you. The drama will keep you hooked till the end and leave a beautiful feeling in your heart even after it ends. So, I love it and hope you love it too. Happy watching…

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: FOREST - A Beautiful Drama Not To Be Missed