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REVIEW: Call It What You Want – A must binge

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Call it what you want, which aired in July on April 9, 2021, starred Time as James and Benz as Ait. The story first revolves around the growing relationship between the director, James, and Ait, the actor. This all started when James, who was a skilled director, was doing pretty well until he encountered a new company managed by Tee The director of the company. In later episodes, you will get to see how the filthy and ugliness deeds of the director Tee and the industry will unravel. 

The Plot

REVIEW: Call It What You Want - A must binge THE DRAMA PARADISE

The plot setting is nothing like what we see in most BL series. The scene opens with James putting on his cap, “the director.” After a long time, he gets to direct a new movie called “2nights,” and the actors following that are Ait and Bas. The director’s meeting with the actors took place.

But unaware of his fate, he was waiting, His world was shaken by the upcoming events in a later season, and the story slowly started to shed light on the other two cast members, or side couples, Bas and Marco.

Because of disturbing elements such as sexual harassment, showbiz, and the dark side of the BL industry, the first season was a complete rollercoaster ride for viewers. Only one question will make your stay in the nook: Will those actors get justice and get rid of the evil director? 

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The other casts (story)

REVIEW: Call It What You Want - A must binge THE DRAMA PARADISE

The other characters are Bas, Marco, Kaprao, and the director, Tee. Let’s begin with Bas, a newbie in the BL industry who was forced and restricted from eating anything solid, preventing him from gaining weight.

Frustrated by his adopting food habits, he fell into chronic depression and anxiety, which started to affect his career. Due to this situation, he became the director’s target, Tee, and he took advantage of his weakness and assaulted him. But later, but not too late, he was luckily rescued from the situation by Marco, which we will get to see in season 2. 

Personal overview

REVIEW: Call It What You Want - A must binge THE DRAMA PARADISE

I think the character development and the portrayal of nature and their situation could have been better. This series is quite a controversial one, as the romance between the director and the actor was not quite taken in a good way.

Most people find this creepy because of the huge age gap. Also, the building of the relationship between Ait and James as the main couple felt rushed and lacked emotion. This made this series’ rating go a bit lower. Other reasons are the lack of communication between the characters and the disturbing elements.

In conclusion, it does portray the dark side of the BL industry and the exploitation of the actors, but somehow it misses communication with the audience. If you are someone like me who likes to explore different genres of BL, you can give it a go. 

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IMDB gave this 7.2 out of 10 as I said it was worth binging as most people prefer popular and romantic ones. 

Writer Pov

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