“Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

“Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

“Man Suang” marks the debut historical BL movie project by Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin, known as #MileApo from the hit iQIYI Original series “Kinn Porsche The Series.” This film draws inspiration from historical occurrences and features Tong Thanayut and Bas Asavapatr, alongside direction by Nat Chartchai.

The film’s title originates from a tavern and opium factory, referred to as a hub for social gatherings among aristocrats during King Rama III’s era. It served as a backdrop for official negotiations and discussions while offering a simulated paradise enriched with dramatic entertainment.

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 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

The inaugural film project by Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin, titled “Man Suang,” is set to grace the silver screen this months! On June 24th, BOC delighted fans by unveiling the official trailer, which spans almost two minutes, across their social media platforms. The trailer has garnered significant praise for its stunning cinematography, the exceptional performances of the actors, and the palpable excitement and anticipation it has generated among fans.

Embarking on a mission, “Khem” and “Wan” delved into the enigmatic enigma of “Man Suang,” an opulent and mysterious entertainment establishment in Siam. Beyond its exterior, this haven concealed a venue for political deliberations during the reign of King Rama III. The duo seamlessly integrated into the club’s troupe, crossing paths with “Chatra,” a musician among them. As their camaraderie evolved, so did the revelation of “Man Suang’s” hidden truths, including the gradual unveiling of their underlying motives.


  • Title: Man Suang [Movie], แมนสรวง, Mansuang , Maen Suang
  • Director: Nat Chartchai Ketnust
  • Network: Be on Cloud
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2023
  • Duration: 2 hr. 4 min
  • Genre: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Drama
  • Country: Thailand


 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Two young guys, Khem and Wan, are from Chachoengsao. They decide to investigate “Man Suang,” this fancy and mysterious club in Siam, to find out what’s really going on there. Back in the day, during King Rama III’s rule, this place was where people gathered to plot and do political stuff in secret. So, these two buddies join the club and meet Chatra, this musician who plays the taphon. While they hang out, they start to uncover the club’s dark secrets and what everyone’s true intentions are.

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Basically, this whole thing turns into a mix of solving a mystery, dealing with murder, rebellion, and trying to figure out what’s real. And it’s not just about them – the whole kingdom goes through a big change because of what they do.


Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat as Khem [Main Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Khem, an orphaned commoner hailing from a distant province, carries a fervent desire to transcend his social standing. He nurtures a dream of stepping into the world of dance drama, an art revered by the aristocracy.

His aspiration to escape the bleak existence of a wanderer drives him to seize an unexpected opportunity that crosses his path, which he clings to with unwavering resolve. Little does he know, this opportunity is fraught with danger, placing his life in jeopardy. Now, Khem must navigate treacherous waters to secure not only his own survival but also that of his closest friend, Wan.

Mile Phakphum Romsaithong as Chatra [Main Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Chatra, a skilled Taphon player, arrives at Man Suang under the guise of a commoner, concealing a dual nature. While exceptionally talented, he shrouds himself in secrecy and maintains distance from others. Unexpectedly, Chatra becomes entangled in Khem’s mission, a situation that not only endangers Khem’s life but also puts his own life on the line.

Bas Asavapatr Ponpiboon as Wan [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Wan, a fellow orphaned commoner from a rustic province similar to Khem’s background, embodies qualities of trustworthiness, kindness, and unwavering friendship. In Khem, he finds not only a friend but also the closest thing to family, and he invests profound faith in their bond. Wan genuinely looks up to Khem, holding deep admiration for all aspects of his life, including his dancing prowess, despite his own comparatively limited skills.

Tong Thanayut Thakoonauttaya as Hong [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

‘Hong’ is Thanayut Thakoonauttaya – the sole successor of Cheng, the influential figure presiding over Man Suang. As such, it falls upon Hong, whether by choice or not, to bear the responsibility of inheriting his father’s actions and wielding his authority.

Saifah Tanthana as Tiang [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Tiang, the dependable confidant of Chao Sua Cheng, stands as his trusted aide. Originating from a background where his father was once a partner in a liquor enterprise alongside Cheng, Tiang was taken under Cheng’s wing as a surrogate son following his father’s demise. This gesture of adoption brought forth an intense bond of trust, granting Tiang the privilege to partake in overseeing all matters under Cheng’s purview.

Sonny Chatwiriyachai as ‘Khun Sutin Borirak’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

Taking on the role of ‘Khun Sutin Borirak’ is Sonny Chatwiriyachai – a civil servant of blended Chinese lineage. Opting for a career in government service over business ventures, he endeavors to validate himself in the eyes of his family and his wife alike.

Chartchai Ketnust as ‘Chao Sua Cheng’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

An overseas Chinese magnate and proprietor of Man Suang. With ambition and foresight driving him, Cheng embraces novelty and innovation. Amid his resolute resolve, he maintains a compassionate disposition and cherishes his friendships deeply.

Gandhi Wasuvitchayagit as ‘Phraya Wichiendej’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

A fresh face among the aristocrats of the Royal Navy’s new generation. Possessing intellect, shrewdness, and guile, he adeptly utilizes these traits to etch his position in society and exert his sway.

Pradit Prasartthong as ‘Phraya Bodisorn’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

A distinguished nobleman hailing from the royal court. He hails from a lineage of opulence and authority, endowed with considerable sway, esteemed reputation, and an expansive web of affiliations. Remaining a staunch traditionalist, he steadfastly adheres to his convictions, asserting that his viewpoints epitomize correctness.

Ornanong Panyawong as ‘Mae Kru Phikun’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

A tutor for the male court dance drama within Man Suang. Having previously been a dancer in the royal court during the preceding monarch’s rule, her aspiration is to preserve the legacy of traditional performing arts. Her dedication earns her admiration and reverence, even from Chao Sua Cheng.

Nonthakorn Chalermnai as ‘Mae Tubtim’ [Support Role]

 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

The proprietress of Man Suang’s male and female brothel. In years gone by, she was traded by a prior establishment to wed an elderly nobleman. Upon his passing, she inherited substantial assets. Nonetheless, she opted to reside within the confines of Man Suang, where she found security and liberation from societal judgments.

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 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary
 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary
 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary
 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary

‘Man Suang’ is set to debut at the local theater on August 24th. Stay connected with us for updates on additional regions and countries where the movie will be shown. Keep an eye out for more details!

Source: Twitter | Be On Cloud’s Man Suang’s Official Account.

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 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary
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 | “Man Suang” 2023 Thai BL Movie: Cast & Summary