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Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote/ Cooheart

Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote/ Cooheart

Earth is born on November 1, 1996. He is a Thai actor. He is a graduate of Architecture and he has a keen interest in art and design. He founded his clothing brand, CIELO in 2020. At present, he is working under the company named STUDIO WABI SABI.


Earth/ Cooheart had his big break in 2018 in the series “Love By Chance” and its sequel “A Chance to Love” in the role of Tar. He is well known for his role in Until We Meet Again in 2020 and after that he castes in the 7 Project series in 2021. Later on, He got the lead role in the My Only 12% series in 2022 along with Santa.

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Love by Chance/ A Chance to Love (2018)

He played the role of Tar in the series. This series becomes the turning point of his life which leads him to his more successful roles.

Until we meet Again (2019-20)

This series depicts whoever is meant to be in your life will come back sooner or later. Intouch falls in love with Korn in the era where homosexuality is a sin. He stands for his love and is ready to fight with the world but Korn was not ready for this and gave up.

He killed himself in front of his father and then Intouch also shoot himself. But as destiny has its course Intouch is reborn as Pharm and Korn reborn as Dean.

7 Project: Would you be my Love (2021)

He played the role of Ozone who was sent to the boarding school as his father willed. He is an introvert and has a hard time adjusting there.

But Sun his classmate becomes his friend and helps him from being bullied and live a peaceful life in the boarding school.

My Only 12% (2022)

He is the main lead in this series and played the role of Seeiw. Cake and Seeiw are childhood friends who always stick to each other. They are dependent on each other and also live in the same lane side by side.

Due to the transfer of Cake’s father, he has to go abroad with his family which was really shocking for Seeiw. After that, they stayed in contact with each other through e-mails. A few years later, Cake came back and found that Seeiw has changed.

As the name of the series depicts, only 12% of those first loves become true in the real life.

Santa-Earth ship

After 7 project series, this ship officially turned up to the world. The whole world loves them. They are popularly called together as Santa-Earth. He is older than Santa but he told Santa not to call him Phi which is used for an elder brother in Thai.

Santa had his first lead role with him, so Earth always directs and supports him in the entertainment industry as it could be seen in many events and conferences.

Social Media

YouTube Channel: Cooheart’s Channel

He has over about 324k subscribers on YouTube and 71 videos shared till now. His co-stars and many actors joined him on his channel. He also shares his vlogs and his personal experiences through his channel.

Instagram: cooheart

He has over about 2.3 Million followers on Instagram and 1015 posts till now.



He is an open Gay and also talks about his sexuality on his channel.

On a personal note, I found him sexier than the girls even if they are idols, SORRY. He is one of my crushes and waiting for his more series and looking forward to his shiny and successful future.

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